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Competition/fast road TR4 for sale

Competition/fast road TR4 for sale

The current owner bought this 1964 car as a well used standard example in 1996.

The owners explains: -

I subsequently developed her for historic rallying with virtually all the parts coming from Revington TR and most of the work being done locally in Dorset.

Over the years she has taken part in numerous rallies, the longest being the Monte Carlo Challenge in 1999.

 She has a full cage (not just a single roll over hoop). The suspension has been rebuilt using modern material bushes, unrated springs and dampers, increased ride height and modified geometry at the front. She has a front anti-roll bar. There is an electric fuel pump in the boot with extra filters and an automatic cut off switch. The radiator has been renewed and is fitted with an electric fan. The exhaust and manifold are a Revington stainless steel straight through system for west power but not at all noisy as as rally scrutineering limits are tight.

 The engine has been rebuilt with oversize pistons and liners, a new cam shaft, new timing gear etc. etc. We have tried to retain the torque for rallying so she does not have an extreme cam shaft. An oil cooler has been fitted. The electrics have been played around with. There are driving lights on a light bar at the front, with a reversing light on the boot lid and a rear guard light. Unrated headlights together with the driving lights come to 400 watts. There is an alternator on the engine with ammeter to match.


 A Tripmaster is mounted in front of the passenger with additional lighting (including a potty) for map reading. The bumpers went very early on. The handbrake is now mounted on the tunnel but remains a fly off item. The gearbox has been replaced with a unit with an overdrive (no change in rear axle ratio). She has a full length aluminium sump shield. In the cockpit there is a firewall at the back and the seats have been replaced. The ventilation has been improved. There is a glass fibre backlight frame supported by the roll cage and I also have a soft top section ( surrey top) for that.


I am sure there are many other things I could mention but I hope this gives an idea of the amount of work which has been done on her over the years. I have never worried too much about the bodywork. The thought of haring down gravel tracks in Wales with showroom paint work rather horrifies me. The front and rear offside wings are fibre glass. The inner and outer sills on that side have been replaced. The wheels are oversize in steel for strength. I also have a set of wires with adaptors and spinners but the tyres on those need replacing.


This car is typical of most rally cars where comfort, reliability and performance are stacked on top of aesthetics. The use of two fibreglass wings falls into this way of thinking.

The car is however far from scruffy and is ready to use as a rally car or with a little work can we reconfigured as an exceptional road car.


The car can, by appointment be viewed at Revington TR or a the owners home at Wareham in Dorset.

At £22,000 (now reduced to £19,900) this car represents very good value for money as it would cost at least double this to build such a car.

Please contact Neil at Revington TR to arrange viewing.

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