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Tank 1
This standard capacity aluminium Fuel Tank is a basic level multi-application unit with outlets to cover TR4, TR4A, TR250, TR5, carburettor TR6 and Petrol Injection TR6.

The tank, with a capacity of 48.5 litres is designed to bolt directly to the body support brackets. Original TR tank capacity varied from model to model but was usually around 50 litres.
This tank, although similar to look to others on the market, differs in that it contains all the correct internals for use with petrol injection (PI) both mechanical and electronic as well as carburettor cars. The tank is constructed with baffles inside and a swirl pot to combat surge with petrol injection (PI) systems both mechanical and electronic when the fuel level is low. This is the standard way of dealing with the surge problem, the swirl pot being of similar size to the original.
You will also need a sender gasket 2H1082 and a tin of Heldite sealant TDC5001-125.
Should you require a tank with larger than standard capacity, improved swirl pot, anti-vibration mountings and more, please order part number 312359XALK below.

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