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Braided Injection Hose set
TR5, 6 and 2.5PI injector pipe set of 6 stainless steel braided hoses with a Teflon core. Original pipes being plastic are prone to chaffing and cracking.

Having a stainless steel outer sheath, these pipes are less likely to fail. They look good too!
Imagine the disaster should one of your plastic injector pipes decided to spit and squirt high-pressure fuel all over your hot engine and exhaust manifold. Fit stainless steel braided hoses for added safety.

We are aware that number 2 and 5 banjos are NOT a standard production size.
Other manufacturers pipes we have seen flood number 2 and 5 cylinders, as the non-return valve in the MU can't seat due to the incorrect size of the banjos at number 2 and 5 ports.
Our sets incorporate specially made banjos, produced for Revington TR, which are machined to emulate the original Triumph design.
If the banjo O rings are required, please order 4 x 159386. These are NOT supplied with the hoses.


1. Our Injection Hose sets are a premium product with a Teflon (PTFE) inner core NOT rubber and cannot expand, having a 3000psi operating pressure and a 12000 psi burst pressure. Our hoses are 4.8mm internal diameter, just slightly larger than standard nylon hoses, making them suitable for both road and race cars. However it is VERY important that the end unions are tightened correctly to ensure no vapour leaks and correct operation. An image of the instruction notice we include with all hose sets can be viewed on the next tab, Product Data Sheets. See also under the heading 'FITTING' below.

2. Be aware that the stainless braided outer sheath is an electrical conductor and should therefore be kept away from exposed electrical connections. Particularly battery connections.

TR5-6 injector feed pipes were available in a variety of forms during the life of the TR5-6 and 2.5PI
Set out below is the whole picture however, whilst we can supply plastic (nylon) pipe, second hand pipe assemblies and new plastic pipes in sets, we believe Plastic Injector pipes are fundamentally unsafe compared with our Braided Stainless Steel alternative, which we therefor recommend and offer here as a set RTR4107

517305 Black nylon pipe originally sold by the yard, now by the metre (5 yards (metre) per car required)
517305/1 Number 1 pipe (no fittings) 30 ¼" (769mm) 
517305/2 Number 2 pipe (no fittings) 31" (788mm) 
517305/3 Number 3 pipe (no fittings) 30" (762mm) 
517305/4 Number 4 pipe (no fittings) 29?" (740mm) 
517305/5 Number 5 pipe (no fittings) 21¾" (553mm) 
517305/6 Number 6 pipe (no fittings) 20¼" (515mm) 

517306 Straight Nipple and Nut, 1&6 at the Metering Unit
517307 Elbow to all injectors plus 3&4 at the Metering Unit
517308 Banjo Union, 2&5 at the Metering Unit

CP cars. Pipe assemblies CR Cars
149566Number 1 UKC0351
149586Number 2 UKC0361
149576Number 3 UKC0371
149575Number 4 UKC0372
149585Number 5 UKC0362
149565Number 6 UKC0352
All these pipes are available second hand

UKC351SET is a new set of Nylon piles with ends fitted; available in Black, Blue and Red. Only available to special order as RTR4107 is a safer preferred choice.

RTR4107 is a completely new set of Teflon lined, Stainless Steel Braided Injector Pipes complete with all new fittings. As the outer sheath of these pipes is braided Stainless steel, there is significantly less chance of abraded damage and therefore high pressure fuel leakage over standard nylon pipe.


Correct fitting of these injector hoses is vital. Each kit comes with a simple fitting instruction which must be followed.
Hose end unions are not fully tightened when supplied to allow correct alignment when fitting. The hoses with banjo ends and 90° ends need to be orientated correctly to line up neatly with the metering unit and the injectors and must be fully tightened after fitting.
The fitting instruction included with hose sets since July 2017 and the instruction on a label attached to the hoses that has always been there explains how to tighten the end unions (for reference the fitting instruction is reproduced under the tab 'Product Data Sheets' and to the right with the images of the hose set) and must be carefully followed.
Whilst the hoses themselves are Teflon (P.T.F.E.) lined and cannot allow fuel vapour to escape, incorrectly tightened end unions, meaning the ends of the hoses where the hose material enters its end fitting can appear to be tight even when they are not. If the hose unions are not correctly tightened onto the hose, minute amounts of fuel vapour will escape. This is not a problem whilst running but when the car is left for even a short length of time it is possible for the pressure in the injector hoses to reduce to zero. This means when starting from cold the metering unit/fuel pump system has to pump up the injector hoses to working pressure before the injectors will open. THIS CAN ONLY HAPPEN IF THE END UNIONS ARE NOT CORRECTLY TIGHTENED.


Fuel and braking systems

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