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As well as offering 5 speed gearbox conversions on an outright basis, Revington TR offer an exchange rebuild service on all TR gearboxes and overdrives. We are happy to supply Gearboxes and Overdrives outright too. Please be aware of the following notes concerning our exchange service.

NOTE 1: As rebuilt gearboxes and overdrives are built using old casings, second hand parts including gears, some of which are now over 50 years old, new original parts where available and reproduction parts, reliability will never be up to 'as new' standards. Gears etc. that are original cannot be guaranteed unless we apply Non Destructive Testing (NDT) techniques to everything to be reused and selected only pristine components; this would quadruple the cost. 
Revington TR strive to use the best available parts and the most competent technicians to give the best balance of performance against cost. However, gearboxes can and will still fail; they were never particularly reliable when new. The works TR4 rally cars often retired when competing on international rallies when the cars were new and competing in the hands of Triumph works drivers with gearbox/overdrive failure. Revington TR therefore offer rebuilt gearboxes and overdrives only on acceptance of these terms: Revington TR warrant the gearbox and/or overdrive for 12 months from date of purchase only (not date of fitment or date of first running). This 12 month period, in the case of gearboxes/overdrives is finite and will not be extended. We warrant workmanship and parts but do not under any circumstances warrant gear teeth breakage. We expressly exclude any consequential loss of any kind. We expressly exclude the cost of removal and refit or transport to Revington TR even if the unit(s) is subsequently found to be faulty.

Units are not guaranteed for any motor sport including but not exclusively, track days, timed events, race or rally activity. Please see Information Sheet IS0054 for further in formation.

Regular customers of Revington TR will know that this is not our normal practice and that we regularly extend warranty periods to what is 'reasonable'. However due to the inherent unreliability of gearboxes and overdrives we have been forced to take this firm stance. Needless to say we put as much care and attention into gearboxes and overdrives as we do with every other service and part we supply in support of our untarnished reputation of which we are justifiably proud. Please see Information Sheet IS0054 for further in formation
NOTE 2: Gearboxes and Overdrives are offered on an exchange basis. If you prefer us to send you a rebuilt unit ahead of you sending your unit to us, a deposit will be charged which will be refunded once we receive a unit that is suitable for rebuilding. This means worn out; not broken in any way. Broken parts will be charged additionally unless they are replaced as a matter of course during the rebuilding process. If in doubt; please ask. We are happy to supply Gearboxes and Overdrives outright too. In this case the deposit forms part of the purchase price. Please see Information Sheet IS0054 for further information.


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