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Workshop Facilities

Workshop Facilities

New Expanded Workshop Facilities at Revington TR now available to the whole range of classic car owners.

Revington TR, whilst specialising on the Triumph range have been asked repeatedly to work on many models of classic car other than TR. We have undertaken this work in the past, only where we felt we were able to achieve the result the customer was expecting. As we have grown and our workshops have expanded it has been necessary to employ additional staff to keep up with the workload, and conveniently for us, new staff have brought with them new talents. We now therefore, feel it is appropriate to open our doors to owners of other classic cars. Our current staff have particular experience with Jaguar, Aston Martin, MG, Healey and all other types of Triumph, as well as of course an encyclopaedic knowledge of the TR range.

Revington TR (RTR) over the last 35 years have built up an enviable reputation for one of the country's foremost TR repair, service, competition preparation and restoration organisations. Our workshops have had the privilege of re-building many special cars and competition cars, notably the prototype TR5 and all 3 surviving TR4 works rally cars.

Our workshops have expanded over the years starting with a single barn at 'The Garden Cottage' in Othery where Revington TR started business. We now occupy ex-farm premises in Middlezoy where our facilities enable us to work on at least 10 cars at a time, with storage facilities for many more.

Currently our workshops undertake work, which includes: -

General repairs:

We have recently added an additional 5 bay workshop adjacent to the Home Farm front entrance which has enabled us to increase our throughput of servicing, MOT preparation etc. The additional space has allowed us to add another 2-post lift and a scissor lift.


To assist with general tune-ups and detailed tuning programs, Revington TR are proud to announce the installation of our latest acquisition, an 800BHP Eddy Current brake Rolling Road and most recently of all we have replaced the control equipment that came with the set in favour of much more accurate fully computerised modern software. This replaces our 400BHP water-cooled Rolling Road Dynamometer. This ongoing facility enables us to tune carburettors, Lucas Petrol Injection (PI) and our sophisticated electronic fuel injection kits.

We are particularly well known for our work on Lucas mechanical Petrol Injection. We have unique facilities that allow us to tune Lucas PI to provide fuelling from the metering unit that is unique to your engine and intake /exhaust system. to read more about this service go to Lucas Petrol Injection Tuning



Revington TR has long been renowned for the performance of our suspension packages. Throughout the year we are called upon to fit many of these for customers who appreciate that having the people who designed the kit, fit it, is likely to result in maximum benefits from the modifications. These suspension packages were originally intended for rally use but have proved so popular with road users that much of our workshop time is now taken up with their fitting. We carry out optical 4-wheel alignment of all cars but this is of particular interest to TR4A-IRS to TR6 owners where all angles of the suspension are adjustable.

New Workshop facility
New Rolling Road installation
Race prepared chassis
Competition prepared engine bay
Competition Preparation:

Revington TR have been involved in competition one way or another for over 30 years. Neil Revington has been competing in all forms of motor sport over this time; Hillclimbing, Sprinting, Trialing, Racing, Autotesting and Rallying, both stage and road. This experience has enabled us to build up huge experience of what is required in all forms of competition. Cars we have prepared continuously outperform the competition with regard to outright performance but more particularly where reliability is concerned. Our workshops undertake both minor improvements on customer's cars, as well as full preparations.

Accident repair:

We have extensive body alignment equipment in addition to the above facilities, which enables us to carry out all forms of accident repair. Major body repairs and paintwork are outsourced these days however, entrusting your car to RevingtonTR to oversee the whole process ensures a top quality final product.

Engine and Transmission:

All our engines are built in house to standards which we have built up since Neil Revington built the engine for his TR2 to contest the Sprint and Hillclimb championship in 1982. That year Neil won the championship and is proud to report that the engine has never been removed, has done over 250, 000 miles, much in competition and is still going strong. Our engines are all built to our internal quality standard; this meaning that an engine built to Triumphs production standard will be built with the same care and attention as one for race purposes.

If we haven't mentioned above the work you are thinking of don't despair and be assured we do it! In fact we can repair or prepare part or all of your car for whatever purpose you intend to use it!