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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions:

RTR Revington TR ltd.
Customer The person, firm, company, corporation or public authority or any entity purchasing the goods or service from RTR.
Goods The product(s) or service(s) the subject of a contract of sale to which these Terms and Conditions apply.
Conditions The Terms and Conditions of RTR hence contained relating to the supply of goods. Any conditions in a Customers Order which may conflict with the Conditions hereof or in any way negate or qualify these Conditions shall be excluded.
Order The order however placed by the Customer for the supply of goods, or the provision of services, or a combination of both.

2. Restoration and Workshop Services:

  1. The condition of vehicles when received by RTR should be as agreed and/or expected for the work to be carried out.
  2. When vehicles are road tested, delivered or collected, or driven in the course of the execution or completion of work, normal wear and tear will be the responsibility of the customer.
  3. When any painting is carried out the colour will be as close as practical to the colour required, particularly when matching to existing aged paintwork. No responsibility is held by RTR for any slight shade differences.
  4. Materials used in the execution of any work on vehicles will be at the discretion of RTR, provided that they are fit for purpose and within the spirit of the work being carried out.
  5. Whilst every effort will be made to keep vehicles under cover and secure, this is not guaranteed and RTR accepts no responsibility for deterioration, damage or theft, including contents of vehicle, whilst in the care of RTR, whether on RTR premise or elsewhere.
  6. Where vehicles and/or components are not collected when work is completed, or, start of work on vehicles and/or components is delayed, by the customer unreasonably, RTR reserves the right to charge for storage at commercial rate and after 6 months, if necessary, sell customer goods to recover storage costs.

3. Website parts listings, availability and displayed prices

  1. RTR endeavours to display accurate and up to date parts pricing information on our web site.
  2. The parts listed are a catalogue of part numbers of both original and modified parts. The part being on the list does not mean it is held in stock, available or of original manufacture.
  3. The web site usually indicates the current price if it is known or the price when the part was last sold. Some parts are very slow moving or not available and the last known price is displayed. For rare and slow moving parts the price can vary considerably from the price shown.
  4. If there is a change of the part price from that shown in your order you will be informed before the order is processed for payment.
  5. To ensure correct pricing and availability you can call or email RTR using the contact details on the web site.
  6. Ordering via the web; the following steps will need to be taken.
    1. "Register", or "log in" to the web site if you are already registered
    2. "Buy" the part(s) so they are in your cart. "Check out" when you have completed your purchase.
    3. The check out pages will ask you to confirm "delivery address", "card details", any "Order Comments" and ask you to "tick you have read the terms and conditions".
    4. For Shipping costs see 6c below. for "Europe Zones 1-5" have been calculated using "Priority Courier" for a parcel with a maximum length of 1metre and 30kgs. Cheaper options may be available when we pack and get actual shipping costs. This may lower the charge for parcels smaller than the maximum sizes.
    5. You will "receive an e-mail confirming your order" together with special instructions you made/requested.
    6. RTR will contact you if the parcel is over the maximum size and weight and does not meet the "priority Courier " and alternative, more expensive shipping options are needed.
    7. If there is a delay in shipping your order, you will be contacted by RTR.

4. Exchange Parts

  1. The use of original manufacturers part numbers is for reference only, and is not intended in any way to imply that the goods supplied are/will be of original manufacture.
  2. All Goods supplied to be fitted in accordance with manufacturers/re-conditioners instructions and correctly filled with appropriate fluids and maintained in accordance with manufacturers/re-conditioners instructions.
  3. Rebuilt mechanical units will be guaranteed for 12 months or 6,000 miles whichever is the sooner, provided that they are used for the purpose and in the environment originally designed for, and expressly excluding use in competition. Special conditions apply to Gearboxes and Overdrives. We specifically require signed agreement of these terms before supplying. See Gearbox and Overdrive T&C's here.
  4. Parts for return on an exchange basis must comply with the following.
    1. The part must be of original manufacture and be the original part number of the part requested to be exchanged by RTR Ltd ie like for like.
    2. The part must be in a condition where it can be refurbished. Excessive wear of location holes, cam lobs and incorrect parts for example but not exclusively, will negate the refund of the surcharge.
    3. Parts returned for credit but failing the refurbishment criteria will be offered to be returned to the customer

5. Specifications:

The Customer shall provide all details and relevant specifications for order, unless otherwise agreed.

6. Prices and Shipping:

  1. Estimates are based upon the information made available to RTR at the date of the estimate and in the event of any variations or instructions by the Customer RTR reserves the right to amend the estimated price.
  2. Our quotations and prices are based on costs prevailing at the time when they are given or agreed. We shall be entitled to adjust the price of the goods as at the time of delivery by such amount as may be necessary to cover any increase sustained by us after the date of quotation or order. Quotations may be withdrawn at any time before receipt of the customer's acceptance and shall be deemed to be withdrawn if acceptance is not received within 30 days from the date of quotation.
  3. Postage/Shipping/Packing costs for some destinations and parts orders cannot be confirmed until the complete order has been packed for shipping and the size and weights are known. Small parcel service is supplied by Royal Mail. Royal Mail will be used for other destinations as well where possible. As the charge has been calculated at the "Priority Courier " rate (for a parcel up to 1m and 30kgs) for Europe zones 1-5 if a cheaper service is used the lower option will be charged and invoiced. For parcels over 1m and 30kgs additional charges will apply and you will be contacted prior to invoicing and shipment.
    1. For the UK Shipping we offer "small parcel" and "Priority Courier" service. For parcels over size and weight for the service offered we will contact you if additional charges will apply to your order.
    2. For the Europe Zones 1-5 Shipping we only show "Priority Courier" to that zone as there are so many size and price options. If the cost to ship is lower than the price shown we will charge the lower price. For parcels over size and weight for the service offered we will contact you if additional charges will apply to your order.
    3. For Rest of the World Shipping you will be contacted by RTR prior to shipping to advise you of shipping costs. Or you can give alternative contact details or confirm you just want us to ship and advise you of the cost by using the "Order Comments" on the order. This can be done by adding a note to your order in the comments box on the order page.
    4. Customers will be responsible for return postage packing and shipping on cancelled orders.

7. Cancelling Orders:

  1. In the event that you wish to cancel an order please contact Identify why you wish to cancel the order. Orders can be cancelled up to 14 days but RTR make every effort to ship within 24hrs.
  2. Any orders that may have been ordered on a special order only basis (of which you will already have been made aware) may result in the loss of any deposit already paid.
  3. The order should not be considered cancelled until you have received e mail confirmation from RTR confirming cancellation of the order.
  4. Customers who receive parts and then wish to cancel the order should ensure the part is returned to RTR in its original condition and packaging. Failure to do so will result in a reduced credit.
  5. The credit will be made by refunding the payment via the agreed payment method or held on account if the customer requires.
  6. Customers will be responsible for return postage packing and shipping.

8. Cancelled Orders:

  1. Should the customer cancel the order or any part thereof, RTR reserves the right to charge all costs incurred to date and additionally to charge for consequential loss incurred as a result of cancellation of the complete or part of the Order.
  2. Customers are responsible for return postage packing and shipping.

9. Payment:

  1. Unless otherwise stated all prices exclude vat and packing/shipping.
  2. Invoices are to be settled prior to despatch of goods or collection of vehicles, normally on the day of despatch/collection.
  3. Special orders will require a deposit, normally 50%, to be paid upon placing the order with the balance payable upon despatch. Should an order be cancelled at a later date the deposit will be retained by RTR.
  4. Customers with trade accounts should settle their accounts as agreed, normally 30 days after date of invoice. Overdue accounts will be charged from the due date at 5% per annum above the National Westminster Bank PLC's lending rate on a daily basis.

10. Discount and Offers

  1. Discount rates are constantly under review and may be amended by RTR at any time. Any change to the price of the item will be notified to the customer prior to invoicing.
  2. Where discounts and offers are available only the largest single discount/offer can be used. Discounts and offers will not be added together to provide a larger discount than the largest single offer/discount.
  3. Discounts will not be applied to the sale of gift vouchers. They will always be sold at face value. Any discounts or offers available at the time of redeeming the gift vouchers will be applied at that time, subject to 10a, 10b.

11. Delivery:

  1. RTR's responsibility ceases upon loading the goods onto the Customers vehicle or carrier.
  2. When delivery is included in RTR's estimate it is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that all goods are inspected and signed for by the Customer prior to unloading.
  3. No claims for delivery damages or deficiencies will be considered unless the carriers rules are complied with and the delivery note is marked "damaged" or "deficient", and RTR receive notification in writing within 3 days of delivery date.
  4. In the event of the Customer being unable to receive the goods or causing delays in unloading, RTR will claim from the Customer any carrier or handling charges that occur.
  5. Any dates or times for deliveries specified are estimates. RTR will not be liable for any direct or consequential losses arising due to delays.
  6. The risk in the Goods shall pass to the Customer immediately upon delivery. The ownership of the Goods shall remain with RTR until all Goods supplied have been paid for in full. Until ownership of the goods passes to him the customer will, after their delivery, hold them as RTR's bailee.

12. Returned Goods:

  1. Returned Goods must be received by RTR in the same condition as supplied within 14 days of supply, at the expense of the Customer.
  2. Returned Goods that have been supplied correctly to the Customers specification will be subject to a handling charge of 15% of the purchase price, net of VAT.

13. Exclusion:

Unless RTR have expressly guaranteed in writing the suitability of parts/materials for some particular purpose, no warranty, or condition shall be implied in Law that the Goods are suitable for any particular purpose whether such purpose has been made known to RTR or not.

14. Liability:

RTR does not accept responsibility for any consequential liability arising from the order nor for delay caused by circumstances beyond its control. Under no circumstance will RTR's liability for any loss or damage however caused, which may arise directly or indirectly from the order, exceed the amount charged for the goods or services provided.

15. Force Majeure:

RTR shall not be liable for any breach of contract for late or non-delivery of any goods arising from Act of God, Force Majeure, Riots, Civil Commotions, Military or Usurped Power, Government Order, Direction or Legislation , Fire, Strikes, Lock out, Labour Disturbances, Adverse Weather Conditions or any matter whatsoever.

16. Export:

Payment for exported goods shall be paid for in the UK. in pounds sterling. Any Bank charges must be additionally paid by the Customer. The Customer shall be responsible for complying with any legislation or regulations governing the importation of the Goods into the country of destination and for the paying of any duties thereon.

17. Making a Complaint:

In the unfortunate case where you might need to contact us because you have a complaint regarding our service or products please use the details on the "contact us" page e.g. We will endeavour to respond within 3 working days if contacted by e-mail or on receipt of a written letter to confirm acknowledgement of your complaint.

18. Governing Law:

The Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Law of England.

Dated 27th May 2016