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Information Sheets

Information Sheets

Revington TR information sheets (IS) have been created to provide explanatory information about products we produce, detailing their benefits as well as a variety of general subjects, which are not product specific. You will also find these sheets linked to products where they are product specific.

IS No. Description
IS0001 Petrol Injection Components TR5-6
IS0002 Converting TR4 and 4A from LHD to RHD and vice versa
IS0003 Converting TR2-3B from LHD to RHD and vice versa
IS0004 Anular clutch release bearing assembly
IS0006 Replacing Lucas petrol injection pumps with Bosch fuel pumps
IS0007 TR5, TR6 AND 2.5 PI Thottle kits
IS0008 Logic Operating Device for Overdrive units.
IS0010 Revington TR Twin Box Exhaust System TR4A-6
IS0012 Unleaded Conversion: LUCAS fuel Injected TR5-6 AND 2.5PI
IS0013 Integrated Suspension Packs TR2-6
IS0021 Triumph TRs and Unleaded Petrol
IS0023 Why do you need bigger brakes?
IS0025 Cross Drilled and slotted Discs
IS0026 Stainless Steel Braided Teflon Hoses
IS0028 Brake Pads and Fluid
IS0035 TR5-6 crankshaft and flywheel identification
IS0037 Weber Carburettors, Choosing the correct size
IS0038 Uprated Clayton Heaters Technical Specifications TR2-3B
IS0039 Advantages of an Adjustable Upper Fulcrum
IS0040 Revington TR Roll Over Bar and Cage Range
IS0041 Lucar Terminal Table
IS0042 TR4-6 Clayton Heater Upgrade Kits
IS0046 Evans waterless coolant
PS0012 Evans waterless coolant product sheet
IS0052 TR3A Upper steering column
IS0054 Gearbox and Overdrive rebuild criteria