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The Revington TR / TR Register Sprint & Hillclimb Championship is now open to all Triumphs. Use your Triumph for what it was designed for; sport! The TR Register website will keep you up to date with current affairs and our calendar of events Click here for more information.

Photo by Steve Cox of Classic Marques

RevingtonTR are proud to have been associated with the TR Register Sprint and Hillclimb Championship for many years as the sole sponsor.

RevingtonTR's founder, Neil Revington won the championship in 1983. Since then RevingtonTR have helped competitors achieve victory in not only the sprint and Hillclimb Championship but all forms of motor sport.

The RevingtonTR/TR Register Sprint and Hillclimb Championship now has it's website incorperated into the main TR Register website where you can find details of how to join the championship and view results as they become available during the year.

Click here to go to the Motorsport section of the TR Register website

This link will take you to the Downloads section of the TR Register Website where much more information about getting started and car preparation can be found. If you need further help and guidance on car preparation our staff here at Revington TR will be pleased to help.

One of the most important documents you will see here is 'Getting Started' . This document will be invaluable in helping establish what you need to do to get going. In the 'Car' section various pieces of equipment are mentioned. The following links to sections of our website should help further.

FIREWALL.TR2-6 will need a firewall fitted, we can supply a ready cut part. See

TR2-3A Firewall or

TR4 Firewall or

TR4A-6 Firewall

As the petrol tank on TR7-8 are external, no fire wall is required as long as the rear bulkhead is intact.

ELECTRICAL CIRCUIT BREAKER SWITCH. Whilst not essential in all classes we feel a circuit breaker is a good safety device and especially on road cars is a great anti theft device too. This link will take you to suitable parts


A good seat is essential to safe and competent driving. Our range of seats, constructed on our own design of frame are well worth considering. See our range here


See our range here. Anyone considering motorsport should consider a ROP (see below) and full harness seatbelts as a high priority.

Neil Revington says: - ' Sue and I have only had one serious motoring accident and that was on the open road, in a none competitive situation in a road going TR fitted only with period lap and diagonal seat belts. We were very badly hurt; Sue still suffering with back problems some 3 years later. We are 100% convinced we would have not been hurt at all (save for me pressing on the brake pedal for England resulting in a fractured ankle) if we had been in one of our own cars with a full harness.'


As the guide says 'Not mandatory for road going cars but highly recommended. Competition carries risks, but running an open car without a roll bar is simply madness!

Many will be familiar with the the terms Roll Over Bar (ROB) and Full Cage. In modern parlance these are collectively now known as ROP's. Most people contemplating motorsport for the first time are likely to be considering a ROB. Revington TR however can supply a full range off ROB's and Full Cages for all TR's from TR2-TR8. We can supply these for fitment yourself or we can fit your chosen ROP in our workshops.

This information sheet may help you to decide which ROP is best for you. Information Sheet IS40


See our range here


Most Motorsport venues in the UK and elsewhere around the world have strict rules about noise levels. we have a range of exhaust systems that will increase power whist keeping withing the required limits (at most venues). See our range here