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Revington TR's generic numbering system allows for easy identification of fastener products from their part number. For screws the prefix is SH for screw hex head and metric length are listed in 1mm increments. Therefore SH605101 is a 5/16" UNF x 1 ¼" screw, and SH105141 is an M5 screw 14mm long. The full range of screws are prefixed as follows:-

Hexagon Head screws are prefixed SH.
Countersunk screws are prefixed SK. (measured from the face to the end of the thread)
Cap head screws are prefixed SC.
Dome head screws are prefixed SD.
Cheesehead screws are prefixed SZ.
Pan head screws are prefixed SN.
Grub screws are prefixed SG.

Last number variation
1 = slot BZP
2 = POZ1 BZP
3 = socket hex BZP
4 = socket hex black
5 = Pozi raised chrome
6 = Slot BZP Pointed
7 = Non standard variations

Stainless Steel nuts and Bolts

please be aware that stainless steel, unless it is very expensive stainless steel, does not have the same tensile strength as High Carbon High Tensile steel. Whilst we can supply any screw, nut or bolt in stainless steel, we will only supply these for general use and NOT for applications of high stress and especially where safety is critical 

A Bolt or a Screw? 

A bolt has a plain shank, and a screw is threaded all the way up. There are exceptions in the use of descriptive words that confuse the issue, a set screw for instance, is generally used to clamp machine parts and may have a very short ground shank to locate the part. As a rule though, a screw is used to screw into an object, a bolt will clamp parts with the use of a nut.

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