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IS0062 - Accommodation near Revington TR

IS0062 - Accommodation near Revington TR

This page is a list of accommodation near RevingtonTR which will be useful if you are dropping your car off and want to break the round trip, or if you are staying in our area whilst your car is being worked on.

There is much to do in our corner of Somerset so you might like to combine visiting us with a shot break.

The  list contains a whole variety of accommodation, some we know a lot about such as The Cow Shed in Stathe (our daughters annex in the ex pub she lives in close by) and the Windmill retreat in Middlezoy. There are pubs we know a bit about to hotels we know nothing about as we would not have occasion to stay in a hotel with 15km of home! 

If you are coming our way, take a little time, smell the flowers and stay while.

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