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"Strangers in the House" - But they're more than welcome

Published: 19 Jan 2018

It's not all TR's at Revington TR -

From time to time we entertain other marques too. In fact on our 800HP rolling road we have seen all sorts from simple trials cars to Bugatti's.

In February, the 23rdto be precise we are receiving the local Morris register for a visit which will make a welcome change. I think both sides will find something useful from the day as our cars are to say the least rather different.













 When I was an apprentice, and living in a YMCA Hostel before I got my TR2 my friend Alan Radford used have a similar car which I often travelled to work in. It cost him £5 and was not ridiculously shabby. Nevertheless as most such cars were black and his was no exception, he painted big orange circles all over it. Well it was 1970!