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Pete Buckles, Neil recalls:

Published: 02 Feb 2024   updated: 06 Feb 2024

Pete Buckles, Neil recalls: -

Sad news recently, one of the founding fathers of the TR Register and Cox and Buckles spares, Pete Buckles died on Christmas day. Sue and I attended the funeral which was, not surprisingly, a packed affair. Pete was a larger-than-life character with a phenomenal intellect.  His ability to remember part numbers was legendary, but less known was his generosity. When at Goodwood way back, John Welburn rolled his TR2, the hat was passed around to help John with repairs. Buckles said he would match it pound for pound to provide the spares needed. Top man.


We met in the early 70's when we both attended the London TR meetings at the Windmill on Clapham Common. At that time Pete along with the other Pete (Cox) formed Cox and Buckles Spares, the go to place for parts at the time. This morphed into the Classic Car Spares group, then Moss. The photo was as a result of the bonkers ad agency Moss were using in the 80's-90's. a strap line  'would you buy spares from this man' was to be used, and Pete was informed he must dress as seen and look menacing. The ad went on to say, 'you don't need to as we have dedicated, trained staff,....etc. etc. a mark of the man was that he had no bother making himself look a plonker for the camera.


Sue and I are personally indebted to Pete for helping us start our business. When we moved to Somerset in 1977, Sue and I formed the Apple County TR group and naturally would be asked where repairs could be done. Our house had a small barn where I could help out on the weekends. Spares would be needed so orders flew off to Cox and Buckles in London. Pete called after a while wanting to know why the sudden increase in orders. Once he understood the position, he agreed to help out to stock our fledgling company called TR Spares South West. I drove up to C&B with a small box 

trailer behind my TR2 and we filled it with parts likely to be needed by folk in the area. Sue and I put in our savings in total, and Pete matched it. He generously gave us 120 days to pay back his part, with no interest.

Pete , you will be missed.