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Triumph Beta prototype 917HP rebuild

Triumph Beta prototype 917HP rebuild

The Beta prototype has been in Neil Revington's ownership for many years and was bought as a near complete project. It transpired that a lot of the work that had been done left a lot to be desired and was not up to the high standard that Neil  has set over the years for work undertaken at RevingtonTR. This is the story of the Beta's slow progress through Neil's own work shop. The story of the Beta 's early life with with Triumph can be read HERE . Below are the sections relating to the car broken down into an introduction followed by the details of work to various areas as it progresses. 


Neil Revington has owned the Beta since the early 2000's when he was encouraged to buy it so the world would be able to see it. A nice gesture but as the car seemed to be quite complete and a long... READ MORE


The body work has been the major focus of the rebuild to date. When the car was bought the bodywork did look quite good but detail inspection found some excellent work replacing some of the standard TR panels in the main... READ MORE


Neil Revington talks though the engine. The engine like most of the car looked like it had been worked on, but... nothing must be left to chance and a strip down was in order. It was no surprise that all was... READ MORE


The chassis is probably one of the most interesting parts of the Beta prototype. It is neither a TR3A chassis nor an early TR4 Chassis. Neil Revington continues: - I had heard that the thinking behind the Beta was that Triumph, perpetually short... READ MORE