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BATTERY+VE EARTH TR2-4A-Including UK Delivery*

RTR Upgrade
Part No:
Price ex VAT:
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layout 0 Solite 075
TR2-4A +ve earth. Layout 0. Modern replacement battery 50 amp/hour 4-year guarantee. Supplied by carrier, filled, charged and ready to go, next day delivery UK (more details below)

Next Day Delivery (When ordered Monday - Thursday before midday) and Free Postage in the UK!

  • Length x Width x Height
  • 242mm x 173mm x 173mm
  • Weight 16KG
Product Information:
  • "Magic Eye" power status level 4 YEAR WARRANTY 30% MORE STARTING POWER 100% MAINTENANCE FREE
  • Power CCA(Cold Cranking Amps): 500 Capacity: 50Ah
* Batteries are supplied by carrier, filled, charged and ready to go. Next day delivery with free postage anywhere in the UK except 2 working day delivery to the area North of the central belt of Scotland. Cannot deliver to Northern Ireland.
Either Solite or TAB batteries are supplied under this part number both of which are manufactured to exceptionally high standards

For Negative Earth please see RTR8006 below


Triumph fitted an assortment of hold down arrangements for the battery in TR's 2-8. Whilst the bar was generally the same part, the 'J' bolts changed in length to suit different cars and different batteries in overseas markets.
Now, many years later there is no guarantee that the originally specified 'J' bolt will be correct for your car, in particular, a 'j' bolt too long fitted to a TR4-6 can interfere with the heater valve and heater pipe.
To ensure a perfect fit we have listed here all the available 'J' bolts so you can choose the one that fits your car best. All the 'J' bolts listed have ¼"UNF threads.
Part Number length original equipment on: -
601552X 3-½" Not an original TR fitment. Slightly canted arm with 1" of ¼"UNF thread
TR6 CC and CP
TR6 CF and CR
610798 8-¼" TR4, 4A, 2250, 5, 6 , 7 and 8

The following two studs can easily be made into special length 'J' bolts if none of the sizes above will work in your application.
ST604661 STUD ¼" diameter, 8-⅛" long with 1" of ¼UNF thread both ends
ST604981  STUD ¼" diameter, 12-¼" long with 1" of ¼UNF thread both ends



Electrical systems, Instruments etc.

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