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Rear spring front eye attachment Pin, rear suspension TR2-4 with a 'D' shaped head. This is a High Grade English Made part manufactured from EN16T steel, heat treated to T Grade and then CHEMI-BLACKED.

Historically Revington TR recommend using stainless steel pin 106231SS however the cost of stainless steel and small scale production has made the stainless steel option prohibitively expensive. We now supply under this part number a pin made from the correct grade steel with a phosphate coating which if properly installed with copious quantities of grease will not seize in the chassis as was often the case when assembled dry in the factory. As a result we have discontinued the stainless steel version.
We have made these pins in the UK for years. They originally when manufactured by Triumph were high grade carbon steel and were unavailable in the late 1980's so we decided to make then and did so in
stainless steel. More recently plain steel versions have become available through some of the major TR parts suppliers which are very cheap, but have a major flaw in that there is no undercut under the head of the pin. This means that when the nut securing the pin is tightened it will not sit correctly in its tube when tightened and can rattle loose over time. Not a good situation for a pin supporting the cars
suspension. Other errors we have noted in other suppliers pins are: -the chamfer between the plain section and the thread has been change to a shoulder (could be a weak point) and the split-pin hole is
slightly too close to the head.

This pin is notoriously difficult to remove. The workshop manual suggests removing the pin by inserting a 5/16" UNF bolt into the thread in the back of the pin at the 'D' head end and levering.
Good luck when you try this! It is more likely that the pin is rusted solid.

In our workshops here at REVINGTON TR we have found the following procedure to work most times. We assume you are removing the pin because you are changing the springs anyway. It is worth reminding readers too that the spring cannot be slid off the pin on TR2-3B with the body on the car.

Proceed as follows: -

1. Remove as much rear suspension/axle as you need to for the level of work you are undertaking.
2. Using an angle grinder cut off the spring as close as is possible to the front eye.
3. Using an angle grinder cut off the spring front eye as close as possible to the boss of the chassis, cutting right through the pin too.
4. You now only have the part of the pin in the chassis to deal with. This can be levered out using the workshop manual method, or a small piece of tube can be positioned over the pin head with a large washer and a 5/16" screw can then be used as an extractor to pull the pin out.
5. If this fails warm up the boss the pin sits in to assist removal.
Note: - DO NOT try hammering out the remainder of the pin. You will deform the boss in the chassis, which will result in the rear axle being misaligned.
6. Reassemble the new parts with plenty of grease.
7. Consider using the REVINGTON TR Rear Spring location kit; Part number: RTR3059K

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