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use 106968SH

Various pushrod types were used in TR2-4A engines as follows:
TR2-3B High compression 106968 Eng. No. 1-12960E, 114035 Eng. No. 12961E-55690E, 106968 Eng. No. 55691E on
TR4-4A High compression 106968
TR2-3B Low compression 108616 Eng. No. 1-12960E, 114048 Eng. No. 12961E-55690E, 108616 Eng. No. 55691E on
TR4-4A High compression 106968
TR4-4A Low compression 108616
Early High compression rods are 262mm long, 5/16" (7.94mm) diameter tubular type and later ones are 258mm long, 3/8" (9.52mm) Diameter which are much stronger. This later type is the type we now supply.
Low compression push rods are rare and none were available when this explanation was compiled, but we suspect they would be about 3-4mm longer. All second hand push rods are kept under part number 106968SH

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