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Grease retaining seal, used on TR2-4 front suspension. These rubber seals, when aftermarket reproductions are used, are prone to breaking up and falling off leaving the bearings exposed to road dirt. Fortunately our stock is original Leyland manufacture.

Revington TR have now produced this seal in polyurethane too, which is immune to the effects of the atmosphere, grease, oil etc. The alternative SuperPro Polyurethane part is available in packs of four. See part number SPF2496K and packs of 8 part number SPF2496-8K below.
A different cross section seal along with shims and a compatible lock washer was used by Triumph on the last TR4's only. This change causes confusion and the possibility of using parts that are not compatible.
The width of sealing ring 115702 is 5/16" and they are used on the trunnion/wishbone joint of all TR2-TR4 up to a point in TR4 production at CT7219 when a different seal 134319 was used along with 16 shims 134239 and 4 stepped lock washers to accommodate the shims. Whist we will never know for sure, our assumption is that Triumph had complaints about the rubber seals falling off, especially the outer ones where there is nothing to hold the seal mechanically in place.
Seal 115702 is also used on the lower inner wishbone bushes from TR3 to TR4 inclusive. TR2 having rubber bushes at the lower inner do not need these seals. 
When replacing the lock washers and seals, RevingtonTR recommend using the early lock washer 115701 with SuperPro seals SPF2496K (set of 4 seals, the equivalent of 115702). These SuperPro polyurethane seals will not swell or crack in the presence of oil and grease and as they have been designed as a tight fit, our experience of over 20 years using them, is that they will not  fail or fall off. 
We supply all the parts needed to bush the outer wishbones to trunnion pin under part number 101557K
As the later seal lock washers and shims were used in one location only, for a portion of TR4 production with a small number of
cars remaining,  we do not envisage offering these seals 134319 manufactured from Polyurethane whist a perfectly satisfactory solution exists by using lock washer 115701 and seal kit SPF2496K.

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