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NOT AVAILABLE This part is no longer available

TR4 Late 3 caster, Tie Rod Lever Right Hand for vertically mounted steering rack.

TR4's use 3 different steering Tie Rod Levers, one type for the vertically mounted rack with 0° caster, one for the vertically mounted rack with 3° caster, one for the horizontally mounted rack with 3° degree caster.

The Part Numbers are as follows: -
127831 LH, 127830 RH. Vertically mounted rack 0° caster. Fitted up to CT6343 (wire wheels) CT6389 (Disc wheels).
129837 LH, 129836 RH vertically mounted rack 3° caster. Fitted from CT6344 (wire wheels) CT6390 (Disc wheels) to CT16462 (wire wheels) CT16349 (Disc wheels)
134541 LH, 134542 RH horizontally mounted rack with 3° caster. Fitted from CT16463 (wire wheels) CT16350 (Disc wheels). This part is much longer and visibly quite different to the earlier two versions.

Note: -
127830/1 are virtually identical to 129836/7 except the ball joint position with respect to the two attachment bolts is higher on 127830/1. When the 3° caster was introduced, leaning the vertical link backwards would raise the ball joint on levers 127830/1 so to compensate for this Triumph modified the leavers creating a new lever 129636/7 where the ball joint sits lower with respect to the mounting bolts by 5.59mm.

Taken from the TR4 workshop manual, the actual dimensions from the centre line of the mounting bolts to the top of the pad to which the outer ball joint attaches are: -

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