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There are two types of Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) assembly fitted to TR5 and 6.

Long types, part number 152067 are fitted to TR5 and TR6 up to body number 51887CP and short part number 156167, fitted to TR6 from body number 51888CP. There is a third part number 149811 for a TR5 long PRV, which had slightly different internals to the long TR6 PRV but as the parts are interchangeable we supersede this part number to that of the long TR6 PRV.
The complete assemblies (152066 Long and 156160 short) sold by Triumph consisted of a PRV (152067 Long and 156167 Short), a strainer 152069, a body around the strainer 152069BOD and a Dowty washer 152068. We keep exchange PRV's, a completely new PRV system (RTR4456K) which eliminates resonance, new washers and the other parts associated with the PRV second hand. See below

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