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TR4A & 5 left hand Sidelamp (white)/Flasher Repeater (Amber) Assembly mounted on the front wing. Complete item including body, lens's, wiring and bulbs. Sold as a single item. Part number 214492 is the part for the right hand wing.

This reproduction item has been recreated as near as practically possible to the original product. The main body was manufactured by first producing a 3D model and the production of plastic prototypes to prove the drawing before launching tooling. The main body is made from a modern Zinc Alloy, as a result, the final die-casting is virtually indistinguishable from the original part - apart from a lack of pitting!

Typical features which have been carefully reproduced are: the bull nose ends to the flutes and the curvature of the body where it sits against the wing. This has been checked against original parts on new, unused, Stanpart front wings.

All gaskets bulb holders and lenses are to original shape and form, thus ensuring that all new parts are interchangeable with original parts, even down to the type of bulbs used.

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