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Aluminium Petrol tank TR3-3A pre Commission No. 60,000, 54.5 litres (12 gallons) capacity. The tank is internally baffled as per the original and has the advantage over reproduction steel tanks in that it can't rust.

This tank can be fitted to earlier TR2's originally fitted with the larger 301235 tank although the straps will need to be shortened slightly.
We also supply this tank in stainless steel to special order part number 302125SS and in aluminium suitable for EFI applications part number 302125ALEFI. As stainless steel tank 302125SS is only made to special order, 302125AL is the tank of choice. See below.

Pros and cons of aluminium and stainless steel tanks.
Aluminium tanks are cheaper, readily available and light. If not installed very carefully without being put under any strain however, they can crack.
Stainless steel tanks are very expensive, only made to special order and are heavy. They are much less prone to cracking than aluminium.
Both of course will not corrode which is the major disadvantage with mild steel tanks.

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