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Right Hand TR6 front bumper bracket 821409 fitted from commission number CF1, fitted with the stiffening plate and weld on nuts to which the support tube is fitted.

The earlier part 814460 differs from 821409 only in that the above-mentioned plate is not fitted. Neither part is available new, please use second hand parts 821409SH, 814460SH or powder coated second hand parts 821409SHPC, 814460SHPC. See below

Although there are 4 types of TR6 front bumper, (CC and CP, CR and USA CF1-CF1250, USA CF1251-27000 and finally USA CF27001 to end) only two types of bracket, between the chassis and the front valence were employed.

814459 LH and 814460 RH used on CP and CC models only
821408 LH and 821409 RH used on the remaining 3 types. These brackets are in fact the same as the earlier brackets but with caged nuts fitted to attach the extra tube support from the cross tube. They are of sturdier construction having a doubler plate welded on the front of the bracket in an effort to minimise body damage in the event of low speed frontal impact.

Note: TR6 parts book RTC9093A shows 821408 as left hand & 821409 as right hand for USA markets on page 22.32 and on page 22.36 the other way round for all markets except the USA. This clearly cannot be correct.
For clarity 821408 is Left Hand and 821409 is Right Hand and this is confirmed in parts book 517785/A

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