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Front view fitted on TR5

Fibreglass Roof panel hard top TR4, 4A, 250 and 5. Steel roof panels are not available; therefore please use this fibreglass part or the hand made aluminium alternative 903979AL.

This fibreglass panel referred to by Triumph as the  'Removable centre hard top Panel' comes with cage nuts installed. A separate inside liner panel 713149X which has a leatherette finish can be supplied separately.

Our Roof Panel is light weight (2.5kg) and whilst the outer finish is good and supplied in black so that it can be used straight away if needs be, usually it will need painting to suit car colour. The seal retainers which hold the seal above the doors will need ordering separately if this original type of seal is to be used. Order part number 750163 x 2). Alternatively TR250, 5 combined seal and Furflex as used around the doors of these cars can be used, if so then no seal retainers are needed.

It is imperative that the correct bolts and rubbers are used otherwise, especially at the back the bolts are likely to come through the skin of the hard top roof panel. In any event even with the correct bolts great care must be taken as the rear inner skin in VERY close to the outer skin and it is a well-known mistake to use bolts that are too long for the application. Even if they are the correct part number used with the correct washers, it is still imperative to check there can be no contact with the under face of the roof panel outer skin when the bolts are tight. A simple trick when test fitting, with the headlining out, is to place a thin shim or feeler gauge above the cage nut and as the bolt is tightened, ensure the feeler gauge is not clamped to the outer skin when the bolt is tight. If it does became tight, shorten the bolt.

The panel is otherwise ready to fit and only requires painting. You may also want to consider a hanging bag (RTR6148) to store it in. See the related parts below for a full listing of other parts that you may need.

With many cars having been rebuild at least once now, the distance between the front and the back of the car may well not be as Triumph intended.

Before purchasing it might be useful to measure your car. The distance fore and aft between the captive nuts on the roof panel, is 760mm. Bear in mind that the captive nuts in our fibreglass centre panels are floating, being a 5/16"UNF version of the ¼"UNF nuts found around many areas of TR4-5 where a square nut floats about in a pressed steel square shell slightly larger than the nut thus allowing for a small amount of dimensional flexibility. There are roof panels on the market with M8 rigidly mounted nuts which render the roof panel virtually useless.

Also bear in mind that the holes in the windscreen frame and the backlight frame through which the bolts pass are much larger than 5/16" too so more leeway is available there too. Also the backlight frame can be moved fore and aft a little and the rake of the windscreen frame can be altered slightly. 
 See 'Interior' for surrey top alternatives. 

Chassis and bodywork

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