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A set of six 6 cylinder TR250, 5, 6 standard grade pistons. Size - standard. Piston sets Include Gudgeon pins and rings. Over sizes, +0.020", +0.030", +0.040", +0.060" available. see below

The original part number for this piston was 148118 with a size suffix. Over the years this has lead to many part numbers being used by different retailers. To make things simpler we have narrowed the options down to just two numbers. All 148118 numbers have been superseded to AE17753 with a size suffix from STD for standard to 060 for plus 60 thousands of an inch. The linked parts for all options can be seen below.

This  is a standard grade reproduction piston.

Additionally we can supply high quality Nural piston sets manufactured in the EU by Federal Mogul. The numbers ending with HQ  should be used where you may be demanding more from your engine than just a normal road car.

Both of these pistons are sold in sets of six but maybe available in singles. Please call for more information if a single piston is required and we can check availability.

In addition we do a range of cast and forged pistons that can be seen in the Engine section of our modified parts listing HERE . Over sizes up to 0.130" are available.

Engine, Transmission, wheels/Tyres and Heating/Cooling

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