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TOP BALL JOINT TR4-6 - Standard

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High quality none greaseable Top Ball Joint (TBJ) TR4-6 with standard articulation.

The original Stanpart/Leyland TBJ had 32 degrees of articulation. This ensured the joint would not reach its full extension when the suspension was on droop. Our B grade TBJ has 32 degrees of articulation, is non greaseable, has the correct taper and distance from taper to the centre of the ball but has a metric thread. It is supplied with a suitable metric Nyloc nut.
Please be aware of cheaper TBJ s on the market which have as little as 26 degrees of movement and severely restrict suspension travel and could result in the joint snapping with catastrophic suspension failure. We keep a high grade TBJ under part number GSJ131 which has more than the correct articulation, has the correct UNF thread and is greaseable.
The boot on its own is available under part number 138509 however it should be borne in mind that this is a universal application boot and is not specific to the original Top Ball Joint (TBJ) or to any aftermarket TBJ, but is very likely to fit most applications.

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