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RTR Upgrade
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TR6 Aluminium flywheel for increased engine response and reliability. Superbly machined with steel clutch face. 4.0kg + 1.2kg ring gear (Total 5.2kg) (Standard TR6CR weight 13kg).

Same as RTR1012CR with extra segments machined out for race use. The Flywheel is supplied machined to fit a standard crankshaft and is drilling and tapped to take a standard TR4A-6 diaphragm type 8-1/2" clutch. The flywheel is designed to accept a standard ring gear part number 201350, which can be supplied separately. See below (except RTR1012CPG, RTR1012CPXG, RTR1012CRG and RTR1012CRXG where the ring gear is already fitted).
Note 1: - When attaching an aluminium flywheel to the crankshaft, it is important that plate UKC6339SH listed below is used to ensure the clamping load is evenly spread and that the heads of the attachment bolts don't dig into the softer aluminium.
Note 2: - When changing a flywheel it is important to know if you have a 'short back' or 'long back' crankshaft. Please read information sheet IS0035 (downloadable via the link below) to find out how to identify the crankshaft in your engine.

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