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RTR Upgrade
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TR250, 5, 6 and Saloon etc. Crank washer and short bolt set. Used when fan, hub and extension are removed, usually in conjunction with the installation of an electric fan behind the radiator.

Converting a Triumph TR6 from a mechanical cooling fan to an electrical fan is a must if you are thinking about upgrading your TR. Benefits include improved cooling, horsepower savings, slight savings in fuel consumption. The original plastic crankshaft driven fan can consume as much as six horsepower. Removal of the original fan set up allows an electric fan to be mounted behind the radiator, which is the preferred position.

Reducing rotating mass allows quicker acceleration. Late TR6's with the cast iron fan spacer, centre bolt, steel fan mount ring, and red 13-blade fan weigh 2.9kg (6.4lbs). Our replacement Steel machined washer, bolt and lock washer weigh a total of 0.4kg (0.9lbs).

The new retainer is supplied Bright Zink Plated (BZP) to assist with corrosion resistance.

For TR2-4 See RTRT1027K

Engine, Transmission, wheels/Tyres and Heating/Cooling

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