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TR2-8 aluminium oil catch tank. This tank fits beside the battery (to the right) on LHD TR4-6 cars, and on the inner wing on all TR2-3B and TR7-8's. The tank is complete with level sight, two entry spigots and drain plug, 3 litres capacity. Detail of design may vary from photo.

This tank can be fitted to LHD TR4-6 with the standard bonnet catch in place. However, as these tanks were originally designed to be fitted to racecars with no bonnet catch fitted.
Left Hand Drive TR4-6 with the original bonnet pull arrangement fitted, will find that the operating cable will strain over the top of the tank. This may make the operation too stiff.
An alternative bonnet pull arrangement can easily be made. Revington TR can supply a drawing to make a suitable lever. Please ask for Drawing JNR343

This tank has a capacity of 3 litres. The tank has two inlets, 12mm and 28mm, both are used for TR2-4A engines, only the 12mm inlet is used for TR250, 5 & 6.
Oil resistant hose must be used. Please order RTR5367. See below

Engine, Transmission, wheels/Tyres and Heating/Cooling

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