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RTR Upgrade
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This inner tube fits the following sizes, 155+165 - 15". The tube is a high grade product incorporating a screw type valve. This inner tube is also available with a standard rubber valve where the added security of a screw type valve is not needed.

As modern cars have over the years moved away from wire wheels and modern wire wheels are produced to accept tubeless tyres, it has become increasingly difficult sourcing good inner tubes for the Veteran, Vintage and especially the Classic tyres we are supplying. What is on offer is invariably either dimensionally incorrect, where one tube covers far too many sizes which was never the case in period, or the quality is lacking either in material type, thickness or thickness at the joint which can cause bands to wear each side.
 Our range of tubes is made to correct specifications, using the best material and quality control. At present we supply some 40 individual tubes to suit all needs.

Engine, Transmission, wheels/Tyres and Heating/Cooling

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