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RTR Upgrade
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This kit allows the use of a thin fan belt with either an original dynamo, or an alternator.

The kit includes aluminium pulleys for the crankshaft and the water pump as well as a pulley for the dynamo or alternator with an integral fan.

The original fat fan belt has a tendency to over strain the water pump pulley resulting in the pulley becoming detached from the water pump spindle. A thin fan belt will reduce this tendency.
The conversion also offers the (rather obvious) advantage of replacement belts being much easier to purchase if caught out whilst travelling.
The kit includes a bolt and washer to allow the removal of the original fan or fan hub. If on the other hand you wish to retain the original fan and hub, then order RTR1210K.

A word about Harmonic dampers versus solid machined crank pullets
We don t usually use Harmonic dampers on the crank. If one is fitted to an engine we are working on and it is not giving problems we will leave it there.
I have raced my TR2 for over 30 years with a standard type crank without a rubber mounted pulley. I recon I have done 200,000 miles in the car a lot of which would be racing, hill climbs, sprints, rallies as well as fast road work and I haven t had a problem yet. The issue as I see it is that engine manufacturers go to a lot of trouble to design a harmonic balancer when an engine is designed to get rid of unwanted harmonics. Here is the clue; harmonics are frequency dependent so the damper has to eliminate specific frequencies. Obviously not all engines produce the same harmonics and therefor one damper does not fit all. For more information click the 'FAQ' tab 
Neil Revington

Engine, Transmission, wheels/Tyres and Heating/Cooling

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