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RTR Upgrade
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TR2-3B Improved Heater kit, incorporating Clayton's 4kW heater unit. This heater unit has 2 swivel outlet vents, 2 screen demist outlets and a 2-speed blower motor capable of delivering 200cubic meters/hour (115cfm).

In addition to the basic heater unit the kit includes a mounting cradle, 2-speed switch with wiring, 2 water hoses which are 16mm (5/8") at one end to suit the new heater unit and 12.7mm (1/2") at the other end to suit the bulkhead joiners and sufficient air hose to connect to both screen demist vents. The screen demist vents part number 700849 are not included in the kit but can be provided separately. Fitting instructions are provided to make installation as painless as possible.
The heater mounts vertically behind the dashboard in the space usually occupied by the standard heater, it is not necessary to remove the dashboard or instruments, nor is it necessary to remove the gearbox tunnel.
A neat in line water control valve RTR1486-1K that is cable operated from the dashboard is available to complement this kit. See below
This heater kit can be fitted to many other car types too.

Engine, Transmission, wheels/Tyres and Heating/Cooling

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