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RTR Upgrade
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This front anti-roll bar kit is for a TR2-3B. It comprises of all the parts necessary to fit the roll bar 215647SHPC to your car.

Fitting a front anti-roll bar improves handling and is a must for anyone who drives with passion! The anti-roll bar used in the kit is a second hand/used standard 11/16" bar from a TR6 which has been shot blasted and powder coated. See the image for more kit detail.
Depending on the arrangement of the front bumper irons on your car, there may be some reliving of the bumper iron to be done to ensure the bar can move properly. We could just have moved the bar to below the chassis to get it out of the way of the bumper irons, but then it would be at the wrong angle to work properly and also very likely to be knocked off. So, the bar is in the right position technically but may therefore want to share the same space as the bumper irons. A simple mod to the irons will ensure the correct clearance is available and the bar with be out of harm s way and technically correctly positioned.

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