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RTR Upgrade
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TR2-3B RHD Improved, spring loaded steering box top cover.

This cover is for RHD Fitment (steering wheel on right hand side when sitting in the car ) and incorporates a spring-loaded pin, which keeps the rocker pin firmly in contact with the scroll, thus removing unwanted 'slop' from the steering. This plate can also be used on some  AC models for Left and Right hand drive, particularly Aceca and Ace

Customer Mr A Bond commented: I've recently (Dec2011)  had fitted the top plate steering box cover conversion I purchased from Revington's.  I decided the job was one for professional mechanics rather than me so I took it to a local TR specialists.They're good people but they'd not fitted one of these before and were dubious about the likely benefits.  I'm delighted to say the conversion has transformed the steering on my car and equally pleased to say the mechanic who fitted the conversion - having driven the car before and after fitting - was equally impressed with the difference it has made. Thank you for improving the quality of life when driving my TR3!

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