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RTR Upgrade
Part No:
Price Ex VAT @ 20%
Showing correct washer and bush assembly

This damper is our standard upgrade damper by AVO suitable for TR4A-6 Front and is externally adjustable. This damper is priced per damper, not per pair; order RTR3251-2K if a pair of dampers is required.

These dampers are made by AVO to our own specification, an important part of which is the inclusion of Superpro bushes top and bottom as standard. Rubber deteriorates too quickly allowing movement of the suspension which the damper cannot control, if the bushes are too hard (some damper supplier use polyurethane but made from such a hard material, it is almost like nylon) considerable unwanted NVH (Noise Vibration and Harshness) is transmitted to the chassis. Superpro material and the grade used overcome these issues. In addition the dampers are built with a specially designed Superpro castellated internal bump stop. This special feature ensures oil cannot be sucked out of the damper should the suspension crush to a point when the bump stop comes into play; a common problem with standard rubber bump stops.
To get the correct damper setting wind the adjuster to the fully hard position. If the adjuster knob is turned clockwise, it will come to a stop, there is no need to apply force at all, if you force it, there is a possibility of it clicking past the end and then it will turn and turn forever because the small cross pin which holds the knob in place will be broken, TAKE CARE; it s all down to feel. Count the clicks from minimum to maximum; 18-21 clicks should be felt although at the very softest setting the clicks are hard to identify. For road use count ten clicks back (6 for fast road) from fully hard, this will ensure both dampers are matched. Road test and adjust more or less as required.

Compliment your new front dampers with our rear damper telescopic conversion, the only rear damper conversion for these cars where the damper is inside the spring (Where it should be). See RTR3003RJ1K RTR3003RJ2K and RTR3003SPK below

In addition to this front damper we offer three further options as follows when available: -
RTR3008 Koni Internally adjustable damper with Superpro polyurethane bushes top and bottom
RTR3008A Koni externally adjustable damper with Superpro polyurethane bushes top and bottom
RTR3633K Nitron externally adjustable damper with Superpro polyurethane bushes at the top and a spherical bearing at the bottom
See below.

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