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RTR Upgrade
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TR2-3 Fixed column upper column nylon/SuperPro polyurethane Bush

The felt bush at the top of TR2-3B steering column is always troublesome. This piece of felt wrapped around the steering column is expected to locate the inner column, a job which sadly it is not up to, either being too tight when newly fitted, or too loose when (quickly) worn! Revington TR's improved bush replaces the felt top bush affording much better location and longer life. 2 small holes must be drilled in the sides of the column to accommodate the location ears in a similar manner to the way the TR4-6 version is located. If it is inconvenient to disassemble the column to enable the two holes to be drilled, the two ears can be removed and the bush simply pressed in to the outer column with the inner and outer column still in situ in the car.
The kit includes one bush and fitting instructions.


The top bush replacing the felt seal has a 7/8" internal diameter

Suspension and steering

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