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RTR Upgrade
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Weber 45 DCOE jetted for Sprint and Race use. 2 required

Please note that the jets in all Weber conversions are only a starting point. It is imperative that you take your car to be set up on a rolling road to adjust the carburettors to suit the engine requirements correctly. RevingtonTR has an 800HP Rolling Road facility and will be delighted to carry out this work for you.

45 DCOE's come with general jets from the manufacturers, these may or may not allow the car to start.
The jets listed here will be a good starting point for a road or mild race car (and probably a race car).
  • Main jet 170
  • Air 200
  • Idle jet 60F9
  • Choke 36
  • Emulsion tube F16
  • Pump jet 50F9

Fuel and braking systems

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