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TR4-6 Fibreglass backlight frame, untrimmed, unpainted with a Road ROB suitable for TR4, no diagonal brace. This kit fits both LHD and RHD cars.

This kit consist of a Roll Over Bar (ROB) kit and a Backlight frame. The backlight frame is a fibreglass facsimile of the aluminium original, with moulded-in studs to attach it to the body of the car in the same way as the original part is fixed. It has no mouldings inside the upper part above the window to accommodate the stainless steel finishers 611668 as these are not used in this application. The outer surface of the backlight frame is the gel coat straight out of the mould, ready for priming and painting to your choice. The ROB is supplied powder coated black; it can be fitted as it is or painted after trial fitting if required.

To clarify the correct description of Hardtops and Surrey Tops, although the general arrangement of fixed rear window with removable roof panel is generally referred to as a 'Surrey Top' car, this is in fact not correct. The cloth section, which replaces the roof panel, is the 'Surrey Top'. The rear window and frame is called the 'back light' and the centre roof panel is self-explanatory. We use these descriptions throughout our part numbers and fitting instructions to avoid misunderstanding.

How it works
Revington TR has developed an ingenious new Backlight design, which incorporates a ROB. The Backlight frame is made from fibreglass, but uses for its strength an integral ROB with two backstays. The bar fits right up inside the fibreglass frame, thus affording maximum rollover protection, along with better rear visibility than with any other rollover bar available for use with a fixed backlight. The legs of the main hoop extend to the floor, whilst two rear stays attach to the top of the rear wheel arches. The main hoop is bolted to the 'B' posts too for added rigidity. Surrey tops and all types of roof panel can be used in the normal manner.

The ROB has been cleverly designed with sliding feet to accommodate different shapes and sizes of car; this will allow the main hoop of the ROB to fit neatly up inside the 'top hat' section of the backlight frame. Once the correct height has been established the foot sleeves are bolted firmly in place.

The ROB included with this kit is a Road bar, these bars are designed for the normal road user who wishes to increase the safety of their TR but doesn't necessarily wish to use their vehicle for competition. To make the bar less of an obstruction, more convenient and to reduce the cost of the bar, road bars do not have a diagonal brace but do have 2 angled back stays. The bars are still made out of the same high quality steel as the competition bars and therefore give you that extra piece of mind in case of that unfortunate occurrence of an accident.
The ROB does not incorporate a Harness Bar. However a suitable bolt on accessory is available, order RTR9148HB.

To ensure flexibility to meet customer's needs, fit up kits are offered separately in 3 versions:-
RTR7172F   Fit up kit, for detachable backlight including Perspex window, seals and fixings etc. 
RTR7172G  Fit up kit, for detachable backlight including glass window, seals and fixings etc. 
RTR7172X   Fit up kit, for detachable backlight including seals and fixings etc. A rear window is not included. This kit should only be chosen if you already have a rear window in glass or Perspex.
With one of these fit up kits added to the main kit RTR7122 -1AK, you will have everything you need including fitting instructions
to complete the installation.
Note: As the backlight frame in this kit is being incorporated with our integral rollover bar, the back light frame would not normally be trimmed as the rear hoop fits right up inside the 'top hat' section of the backlight frame making trimming near impossible. It is usual to simply paint the inside of the frame satin black or car colour.

Separate part numbers are used for the TR4 and TR4A-6 this is because the feet that fall onto the rear wheel arches need to be different. 
TR4 backstay feet have a rounded bottom plate to fit the rounded wheel arch of the TR4
TR4A-6 backstay feet are flat. Triumph introduced an indented flat into the top of the TR4A wheel arch to accommodate the bulkier hood frame. This was continued through to the TR6 and is present whether a soft roof or hard roof is fitted. The backstay feed for these models of our ROB have flat feet to suit.
Our range of Roll Over Protection (ROP's) is extensive, to help you decide what is best for you we have compiled an information sheet in an easy to follow tablature format. Please see IS0040 here or via the 'Product Data Sheets' tab above.

Chassis and bodywork

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