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RTR Upgrade
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LH Rear Behind Wheel

TR6 Wheelarch liner Set (underwing shields). Protect your bodywork from corrosion with these easy to fit underwing shields, specifically moulded to each marque for a perfect fit. Including fittings.

Unlike modern cars the inside of TR wheel arches are open to the elements, water and mud can get stuck in these recesses causing corrosion. Prevent expensive repairs by fitting these liners.

Jerry Vincent developed these fibreglass mouldings in the 1980's. Revington TR bought the moulds from Jerry so this excellent product could continue to be available.
These beautifully moulded under wing shields, manufactured from thin fibreglass, fit snugly up above all four wheels, providing a permanent shield for the wing joints from mud, salt and stone damage.
The shields are contoured to the exact shape of the underbody so that each shield need only be held in place by 3 rivets or self-tapping screws. This ensures they are easy to remove for periodic re application of underbody protection.
We supply 3 separate kits for TR4-4A, TR250-5 and TR6. This is important as the wing profile between TR4-5 and TR6 is completely different and the inner wheel arch between TR4-4A and 250-5 is different too; hence the need for 3 separate kits. We are aware that these liners have been copied and kits are sold as fitting TR4-6. This would mean gaps where mud could penetrate if the manufacturer trimmed them to an average line, or considerable trimming on the part of the fitter if they are provided too large for all cars. Ours are trimmed to suit the actual cars they are to be fitted to and whilst there may still be some final trimming to do this will be minor and not onerous.

Rubber seals are included for fitment between the shield and the outer wing to ensure a good seal and avoid chaffing.

The shields are intentionally open at their lower edge to ensue any water ingress can drain away and to allow air circulation. As the profile of TR4, 5 and 6 wing and wheel arches differ; we offer 3 separate kits as follows to ensure a perfect fit.

TR4-4A: With a cut out for the servo pressing.
TR250-5: As TR4-4a but with no cut out for the servo pressing.
TR6: As TR250-5 but with a different wing profile.

Chassis and bodywork

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