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RTR Upgrade
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Adaptor male/female brass 5/8

Adaptor male/female brass 5/8"UNF to 5/8"UNF to enable easy removal of temperature gauge bulb from aluminium thermostat housing on TR2-3B.

This adaptor is primarily intended for use on TR2-3B with an aluminium thermostat housing where the water temperature gauge bulb screws straight into the aluminium casting. Due to dissimilar metal corrosion between the brass gland nut of the bulb and the aluminium casting the bulb and nut can sometimes be so tight as to be impossible to remove rendering both the the gauge and the thermostat housing useless. They cannot be removed from the car as a pair as one end of the capillary tube is in the engine bay and the other in the cockpit via a grommeted 1" hole in the bulkhead though which neither the gauge nor the thermostat housing will fit. This adaptor is brass and screws into the thermostat housing leaving a female 5/8"UNF thread protruding identical to that in the thermostat housing so that the temperature gauge bulb can be screwed into the adaptor giving a brass to brass connection which will not corrode. The advantage is obvious in that the bulb can be removed with ease whenever needed whilst the adaptor stays in the housing. 

The adaptor can be used on all other TR's from 4-6 as well as any other car where a 5/8"UNF thread is employed. 

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