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Switch on/off self return 160mm chrome stem

RTR Upgrade
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Chrome stalked switch assembled

Momentary operation long arm (160mm) switch with a chrome stem and black finger pad. This switch self returns when pressed downwards thus making electrical contract when pressed, returning to the off position when released. This switch is ideal for use in TR4-6 logic overdrive operation as the switch can be mounted in the same position in the switch nacelle as the original switch.

This switch is useful in other applications too, typically as a headlamp flasher switch, horn, washers.
You may also consider this switch supplied in a kit containing additional equipment to aid fitting.
Two kits are available: - 
RTR8207-2K is a kit containing one RTR8207-2 switch as well as one metre each of connecting cable coloured and black, cable terminations and mounting washers. This switch is Ideal for operating our logic overdrive device, TR4, 4A, 250, 5 and 6 owners will find the extra parts in this kit simplifies fitting this switch inside TR4-6 cowls (nacelles). The switch is the same length as the original TR5-6 switch (160mm).
RTR8207-3K is a similar kit to RTR8207-2K but with a black stem to the switch.

Fitting Tip

The switch has Lucar connectors protruding from the back. In some instances there is just too little room for these to fit within the original TR4-6 switch cowl with the flag type connectors (supplied) pushed into position. It may be necessary to bend these connectors over a few degrees to one side until the cowl will just fit.  When doing this is it important to support the side of the switch against the bending force to avoid cracking it, this can be done with a pair of pliers or a vice but care must be taken to only support, rather than crush the switch body.

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