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Electronic TR2-3B Tachometer

Electronic Tachometer TR2-3B. The face of the instrument is printed to look identical to a standard mechanical instrument with the standard scale, it has the correct 120mm diameter case and is calibrate to read the standard rev range.

The instrument is identical in all visual aspects outboard of the dashboard - in other words the part you see in the car, but uses a slightly different shaped casing which is hidden behind the dashboard. 
The mechanism is programmable via user accessible switches to ensure the instrument will operate correctly with any type of trigger signal from a standard coil pulse to electronic fuel injection. This Electronic Tachometer is completely new and is now sold on an outright basis with no need to return an old instrument, it contains a stepper motor type mechanism that ensures full scale deflection can be achieved. 

Technical tips.

Install the Tachometer and make the electrical connections as per the general instruction supplied with the instrument using the red/blue wire for a signal from the coil negative. 
The DIP switches are covered with Kapton tape. This tape is placed over the DIP switched to prevent the switches being heat damaged when the components are reflow soldered on to the circuit board. The tape is left in place after soldering as it acts as an effective moisture barrier protecting the switches. To alter the settings of the instruments, simply remove the tape to reveal the switches.

We can also supply TR2-6 Electronic Tachometers refaced and re-calibrate to read 0-7000 or 0-8000 full scale deflection. Please see part number RTR8279REFACE below.

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