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Fitted 1 ROB with  clip type Harness bar shown for reference only

TR2-3B Roll Over Bar (ROB). Road type with no diagonal, with a harness bar intended for wrap around harnesses (no ferrules). Revington TR's road bars are designed for the casual road user who wishes to increase the safety of their TR but doesn't necessarily wish to use their vehicle for competition. This ROB is supplied to special order only which may result in delivery delay.

To make the bar less of an obstruction, more convenient and to reduce the cost of the bar, road bars do not have a diagonal brace but do have 2 angled back stays. The bars are made out of the same high quality steel as our competition bars and therefore give you that extra piece of mind in case of that unfortunate occurrence of an accident.

This ROB kit includes an integral harness bar, many owners, whether using their car on the road or the track, will find the use of a harness both comfortable and reassuring. If you have chosen to fit a ROB it is generally considered better that in the unfortunate event of the car rolling over it is preferable to be firmly strapped in. A full harness will achieve this with much greater effect then a lap and diagonal arrangement.

See Section 9 'SEAT BELTS' for suitable seat belts products of the harness variety.


RevingtonTR Roll Over Protection (ROP) - The range 

RevingtonTR supply a full range of ROP including Roll Over Bars (ROB) and Full Roll Cages for the complete TR range. All ROB's allow the hood to be folded and unfolded and a hard top to be fitted unless specified otherwise. The following descriptions are used to describe the style of bars in our range.

ROAD BARS have no diagonal brace and have the option, to special order only of an integral, transverse harness bar.

COMPETITION BARS are supplied with fixed (RTR9047-2 series) or removable (RTR9047-3 series) diagonal brace, and have the option, to special order only, of a transverse harness bar.

Our preferred option for all our TTR2-3B ROB's is to supply a ROB with no harness bar and one of our stand alone harness bars as this provides far more flexibility and additional space in the cockpit. 

Please see below for other ROBs available for your car.

Our range of ROP's is extensive, to help you decide what is best for you we have compiled an information sheet in an easy to follow tablature format. Please see IS0040 here or via the 'Further Reading' tab above.

Will this ROB give me adequate protection?

Neil Revington provides some insight: - 

All ROB's in the RTR9047 series are attached to the wheel arches as can be seen in the photographs. Whist there are bars available with a main hoop that attaches to the chassis, they impede seat and hood sticks movement in many cases. What is more important is the data relating to accidents.

Things to consider.

The ROB's in this RTR9047 series  have a main hoop and back stays that are secured to the body (rear wheel arches), all main mountings of our full cages are attached to the chassis. Yes, attaching all mountings to the chassis would be fundamentally better but by how much? Fitting any one of the ROP's in our range is a good idea, choosing the right one is a matter of personal choice of how much 'cotton wool' to wrap yourself in.
The results of the actual events highlighted below show that wheel arch mounted ROB's provide adequate protection; full cages are available for those that feel a cage is the solution for them.
The original concept of this design can be attributed to John Aley of Aley bars in the 1970's. A very early bar was fitted to John Welburn's black TR2 which he then rolled at Goodwood. There are photos of John, arms flaying as he rolled over and over. John walked away with no injuries. The bar was intact, the wheel arches dented but the bar nonetheless saved John's life. A few year later Frank Richardson had a similar unfortunate roll in qualifying for a TR Register race. In this case, Frank was also thankfully OK, the wheel arches were not damaged and the car, after a few dents were knocked out, raced the next day.

Please Note: The various photographs available to view here show bars with and without harness bars and a diagonal brace for reference. The basic concept of the main hoop and backstays remains the same throughout the range.


We do not provide fitting instructions with this ROP as in general it will fit in one ideal place. We do however offer a sheet of fitting tips, which can be downloaded via the 'Further Reading' tab above.

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