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RTR Upgrade
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This simple and cheap device plugs permanently into your battery whilst the car is not in use, monitoring battery voltage and maintaining a full charge.

The device plugs into a special wiring loom (supplied) which can be permanently wired into the car so that connection and disconnection only takes seconds. Alternatively the device can be connected via clips to the battery terminals. The Battery Tender is easy to use with an LED status display. First the Battery Tender verifies the battery status prior to charging and then provides a bulk charge to 12.4 volts. Finally the Battery Tender provides a full charge indefinitely.

The unit is 100% waterproof and will easily pay for itself by increasing the life of your battery by 3-5 years! No more disappointment due to a flat battery when you want to use your pride and joy after a long time in storage. 

This unit is a base model and will only keep charged a functional charged battery. A more sophisticated unit RTR9051-1 is available that can reclaim flat or slightly sulphated batteries.

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