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RTR Upgrade
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TR2 3B Full cage with a full windscreen height front hoop, RHD

Complete full cage safety solution for TR2-3B, for those who are building a competition TR. This cage provides maximum Protection with a full windscreen height front hoop (not below the dash). side impact and roof bars connect the front hoop to the rear hoop. This complete solution is ideal for full race and rally applications and other forms of motorsport where customers feel maximum protection is important. Primarily intended for hard top use, please check with RTR, suitability for soft-top applications. For those interested in a more convenient full cage with a front loop under the dash please see RTR9091 series.

These cages comply with FIA rules and as the material used and the design conform with the FIA (and the MSA in the UK) no certification is required. This cage comprises of rear hoop, back stays, fixed diagonal, under dash hoop and removable door bars. The bars are handed so that the strongest point is above the drivers head, this Cage has a diagonal running from top right to bottom left.

This Full Cage includes:

  • Rear Hoop
  • 2 Angled Back Stays
  • RHD Fixed Diagonal Cross Brace
  • Full Windscreen Height Front Hoop
  • Removable Side Impact Bars
  • Removable Roof Bars
RevingtonTR supply a full range of Roll Over Bars (ROB) and Full Roll Cages for the TR range. All ROB's allow the hood to be folded and unfolded unless specified otherwise. The following descriptions are used to describe the style of bars in our range.

ROAD BARS have no diagonal brace and have the option of an integral, transverse harness bar (RTR9047-1 series).

COMPETITION BARS are supplied with fixed (RTR9047-2 series) or removable (RTR9047-3 series) diagonal brace, and have the option of a transverse harness bar.

Please see below for other Cages available for your car.

Our range of Roll Over Protection (ROP's) is extensive, to help you decide what is best for you we have compiled an information sheet in an easy to follow tablature format. Please see IS0040 here or via the 'Product Data Sheets' tab above.

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