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All Triumph Catalogue Plates for TR6 CP

N ENGINE (Petrol Injection Model): Block and Sump Engine Unit 9.5:1, Decarbonising Gasket Set, Engine Gasket Set, Cylinder Block, Cylinder Liner, Rear Oil Seal Housing, Oil Pressure Adjustment Details, Oil Pump Assembly, Oil Sump Assembly, Dipstick Assembly, Front Engine Plate, Engine Mounting Bracket Assy, Rear Engine Plate, Engine Lifting Eyes, Oil Pressure Switch
P ENGINE (Petrol Injection Model): Cylinder Head and Rocker Assemblies Cylinder Head Assembly 9.5:1, Valves, Push Rod, Tappet, Rocker Shaft, Rocker Cover Assembly
Q ENGINE (Petrol Injection Model): Crankshaft, Camshaft, Pistons and Flywheel Crankshaft Assembly, Fan Assembly, Flywheel Assembly, Camshaft, Timing Cover Assembly, COnnecting Rod Assembly, Piston Assembly, Drive Shaft Assembly, Pedestal Assembly - Distributor and Petrol Injection Metering Pump
R ENGINE (Petrol Injection Model): Water Pump and Thermostat Water Pump Details, Thermostat Unit, Temperature Transmitter
S ENGINE (Petrol Injection Model): Manifolds and Heater Pipe Exhaust and Inlet Manifold, Manifold Gasket, Throttle Spindles and Butterflies, Heater Pipe-solid under manifolds
T ENGINE (Petrol Injection Model): Closed Circuit Breather
U ENGINE (Petrol Injection Model): Air Manifold and Cleaner Air Manifold Assembly, Air Cleaner Assembly, Strap Assembly, Air Cleaner Support
V ENGINE (Petrol Injection Model): Metering Unit and Injectors Metering Pump Unit, Control Assembly, Metering Distribution Assembly, Connection Kit, Injector Nozzle Assembly, Injector Pipes
W ENGINE (Petrol Injection Model): Oil Filter Oil Filter Assembly (Full Flow)
X ENGINE (Petrol Injection Model): Alternator Mounting
XA IGNITION AND H.T. LEADS Spark Plugs and H.T. Leads. No Illustration
Y CLUTCH: Clutch Assembly and Operation Clutch Cover Assembly - Borg and Beck, Driven Plate Assembly - Borg and Beck, Clutch Cover Assembly - Laycock, Driven Plate Assembly - Laycock, Clutch Throw Out Bearing, Clutch Operating Fork, Clutch Operating Shaft Assembly, Clutch Slave Cylinder Assembly (1")
Z GEARBOX: External Gearbox Unit, Gearbox Gasket Set, Gearbox and Clutch housing Assembly, Front End Cover, Gearbox Extension, Speedo Driven Gear and Bearing, Top Cover Assembly, Change Speed Lever Assembly, Gearbox Attachment Details, Rear Engine Mounting
AA GEARBOX: Internal Mainshaft, Constant Gear Train Assembly, Constant Pinion Shaft, Countershaft, Reverse Spindle, Reverse Operating Lever Assembly
AB CHASSIS FRAME Chassis Frame Assembly, Radiator Protection Shield
AC FRONT SUSPENSION Front Suspension Unit, Upper Fulcrum Pin - Innter, Upper Wishbone Arm Assembly - Front/Rear, Vertical Link, Stub Axle, Bottom Trunnion Assembly, Lower Wishbone Arm Assembly, Lower Spring Pan Assembly, Front Road Spring, Front Sock Absorber
AE INDEPENDENT REAR AXLE Rear Axle Center Assembly, Crown Wheel and Pinion Assembly, Inner Axle Shaft, Rear Axle Shaft and Hub Assembly, Outer Axle Shaft Assembly, Sleeve Yoke and Yoke Shaft Assembly, Drive Flange and Hub Assembly
AF INDEPENDENT REAR SUSPENSION Trailing Arm Assembly, Rear Road Springs, Rear Damper
AG PROPELLOR SHAFT AND ROAD WHEELS Propellor Shaft, Disc Road Wheel, Centre Lock Wire Wheels, Balance Weights, Wheel Trim - Road Wheels
AH STEERING Steering Wheel and Pad Assembly, Steering Wheel, Steering Column Assembly - Upper Outer & Upper Inner, Steering Column Lower, Flexible Coupling, Universal Joint, Rack and Pinion Steering Assembly, Inner Ball Joint Assembly, Tie Rod End Ball Joint Assembly, Mounting Rubber
AJ HANDBRAKE Handbrake Assembly, Compensator Link, Compensator Sector, Handbrake Cable Assembly
AL ACCELERATION CONTROL (PETROL INJECTION MODEL) Accelerator Pedal Assembly, Countershaft Assembly, Choke Control
AM CLUTCH, BRAKE PEDALS & MASTER CYLINDER Clutch Pedal Assembly, Pedal Box Sub Assembly, Brake Master Cylinder (Tandem) and Servo Assembly, Servo Unit Assembly, Clutch Master Cylinder Assembly
AN BRAKES Front Brake Caliper Assembly, Rear Brake Assembly, Adjuster Unit Assembly, Rear Wheel Cylinder Assembly, Brake Shoe Set, Rear Brake Drum
AP HYDRAULIC PIPES R.H.S. Brake Pipes, Clutch Pipes and Servo Pipes
AQ HYDRAULIC PIPES L.H.S. Brake Pipes, Clutch Pipes, Servo Pipes
AS PETROL SYSTEM (PETROL INJECTION MODEL) Petrol Tank Assembly, Petrol Filler Cap Assembly, Petrol Tank Guage Unit, Fuel Filter Assembly, Fuel Pump and Motor Assembly, Petrol Pipes, Pipe Clips and Grommets
AU EXHAUST SYSTEM (PETROL INJECTION MODEL) Front Exhaust Pipes Assembly, Exhaust Pipe Assembly Intermediate Outer/Inner, Exhaust Pipes - Rear, Silencer and Tail Pipe
AV RADIATOR Radiator Block Assembly, Overflow Bottle
BA ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT: Horn and Head Controls Horn, Horn Push Assembly, Flasher Unit, Hazard Flasher Unit, Hazard System Relay, Flasher Switch, Off/Side/Head and Hedlamp Flasher Switch
BB ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT: Windscreen Wipers Windscreen Wiper Motor, Crosshead and Rack
BC ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT: Headlamps and Front Lamps Headlamp Assembly, Front Side and Flasher Lamp, Front Side Marker Lamp assembly, Front Flasher Repeater Lamp Assembly
BD ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT: Tail, Number Plate and Interior Lamps Stop/Tail/Flasher/Marker Reflex and Reverse Lamp Assembly, Number Plate Illumination Lamp Cover, Interior Lamp, Boot Lamp
BE ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT: Dashboard Controls and Instruments Speedometer, Voltage Stabilizer, Speedometer Cable, Revolution Counter, Temperature Gauge, Fuel Gauge, Oil Pressure Gauge, Emmeter, Panel Light Rheostat Switch, Ignition/Starter Switch, Hazard Warning Light Switch, Hazard Warning Light, Windscreen Wiper Switch, Windscreen Washer Switch, Choke Control Assembly
BF ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT: Foot Dip, Pedal Switches, Fuse & Control Box Foot Dipping Switch, Stop Lamp Switch, Reverse Lamp Switch, Control Box, Fuse Box, Ignition Relay
BG ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT: Windscreen Washers Electric Windscreen Washer Assembly
BGA ELECTRICAL - Battery and Harnesses, Engine Leads No Illustration
BH BODY AND FITTINGS: Body Shell Complete and Mounting
BHA BODY AND FITTINGS: Body Complete No Illustration
BJ BODY AND FITTINGS: Front Body Panels and Bulkhead Front Valance and Apron Assembly, Front Wing Assembly, Front Wheelarch and Closing Panel Details, Bulkhead Assembly, Bulkhead End Panel Assembly, Plenum Assembly, Scuttle Panel Assembly, Vent Lid Assembly
BK BODY AND FITTINGS: Body Panels; Floors and rear panels Body Side Details, Rear Wing Assembly, Rear Deck Assembly, Rear Valance Assembly, Floor Details
BL BODY AND FITTINGS: Radiator Grill and Bonnet Assembly Radiator Grille Assembly, Bonnet Assembly, Bonnet Fastner Assembly Complete with Saftey Hook, Catch Plate Assembly - Bonnet Fastener and Striker Bar, Bonnet Release Cable Assembly - Inner/Outer, Bonnet Sealing Rubber
BM BODY AND FITTINGS: Door Assembly Door Assembly, Door Checkstrap Assembly, Door Lock Assembly, Remote Control Assembly, Door Lock Striker Dovetail, Private Door Lock Assembly, Door Handle Assembly - Outside, Remote Cntrol Handle, Door Glass and Regulator Channel Assembly, Window Regulator Assembly, Window Regulator Handle Assembly, Window Regulator Stop Bracket, Waist Rail Trim Finisher Assembly Door, Front Door Trim Pad Assembly
BN BODY AND FITTINGS: Windscreen Assembly and Attachements Windscreen Assembly, Interior Mirror Pack, Interior Mirror Assembly, Sun Visor Assembly
BP BODY AND FITTINGS: Dashboard, Scuttle & 'H' Frame Metal Facia Panel Assembly, Veneered Facia Panel Assembly, Facia Panel Attachment Details, Ash Tray Assembly, Switch Plinth Assembly
BQ BODY AND FITTINGS: Steering Outer Column Steering Column Cowl Assembly, Steering Column Support Details
BR BODY AND FITTINGS: Heater Heater Details, Demister Outlet
BS BODY AND FITTINGS: Boot Assembly and Rear Decals Boot Lid Assembly, Boot Lid Hinge Assembly, Boot Lid Stay - Sliding Unit, Nameplate and Moulding Details, Spare Wheel Mounting and Tool Stowage Details
BT BODY AND FITTINGS: Hood - Soft Top Hood Complete Assembly, Hoodstick Assembly, Hood Cover Assembly, Handle Assembly Hood Closing, Hood Sealing Rubbers, Hood Stowage Cover Assembly
BV BODY AND FITTINGS: Bumpers Front Bumper Assembly, Rear Bumper Center Bar Assembly, Rear Bumper Corner Bar Assembly - LH/RH
BW BODY AND FITTINGS: Body Moulding and Finishers, Mirror
BX BODY AND FITTINGS: Trim and Carpets Carpets, Rubber Mats and Trim Casings
BY BODY AND FITTINGS: Seats and Back Board - Non USA, Japan Front Seat Assembly Complete with Cushion, Leathercloth, Backboard, Frame Assembly, Seat Slides, Rear Trim Board Complete
BYA BODY AND FITTINGS: Seats and Back Board - Non USA, Japan Front Seat Assembly Complete with Cushion, Leathercloth, Backboard, Frame Assembly, Seat Slides, Rear Trim Board Complete
BZ BODY AND FITTINGS: Seats and Back Board - USA, Japan Front Seat and Headrest Assembly Complete with Cushion, Headrest Details, Frame Assembly Complete Headrest, Front Seat, Lock and Cable Assembly, Seat Slides, Seat Slide Assembly, Rear Trim Board Complete
BZA BODY AND FITTINGS: Seats and Back Board - USA, Japan Front Seat and Headrest Assembly with Cushion Leather, Frame
BZB BODY AND FITTINGS: Seats and Back Board Front Seat and Headrest Assembly with Cushion Leather, Frame
BZC MISCELLANEOUS BODY FITTINGS Grommets, Blanking Plugs, Plates, Safety Harness Attachments. No Illustration
CB OVERDRIVE: 'A' Type: Unit Assembly
CH ACCESSORIES Spanner, Wheelbrace, Door Mirror - Passenger, Tonneau Cover, Saftey Harness Kit, Electronic Defroster, Anti-Mist - Backlight, Touch-In Paint, Door Buffer with Reflector, Towing Attachment Kit, Oil Cooler Kit, Steering Column Locking Device Kit, Skid Plate Assembly, Hard Top to Soft Top Conversion Lot, Hood Complete Assembly. No Illustration