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All Triumph Catalogue Plates for TR7

1C-02L ENGINE - Short Engine
1C-02R ENGINE - Cylinder Liners, Drain Plug, Lifting Eye
1C-03L ENGINE - Sump, Dipstick
1C-03R ENGINE - Rear Engine Housing and Oil Seal
1C-04L ENGINE - Crankshaft and Pulley, Idler Shaft
1C-04R ENGINE - Piston, Connecting Rod
1C-05L ENGINE - Oil Suction Pipe, Oil Transfer Adaptor, pressure switch
1C-05R ENGINE - Oil Filter, Oil Pump and Drive Shaft
1C-06L ENGINE - Water Pump Kit and Cover
1C-06R ENGINE - Timing Cover
1C-07L ENGINE - Timing Chain, Chainwheels
1C-07R ENGINE - Camshaft Cover, Cylinder Head Gasket
1C-08L ENGINE - Cylinder Head, Camshaft, Water Transfer
1C-08R ENGINE - Inlet Manifold, Thermostat (CARB ENGINE - AUS/CDN/EUROPE)
1C-09L ENGINE - Inlet Manifold, Thermostat (CARB ENGINE - JAPAN/USA up to VIN 401629)
1C-09R ENGINE - Inlet Manifold, Thermostat (FUEL INJ. - U.S.A.)
1C-10L ENGINE - Exhaust and Hot Air Manifold
1C-10R ENGINE - Fan and Belt, Viscous Coupling
1C-11L ENGINE - Front Mounting RH
1C-11R ENGINE - Front Mounting LH
1C-12L ENGINE - Engine Restraint Cable and Tie Rod
1C-12R ENGINE - Gaskets Sets
1D-02L CLUTCH - Rear Engine Plate, Flywheel, Driveplate
1D-02R CLUTCH - Clutch Cover and Driven Plate
1D-03L CLUTCH - Clutch housing and release mechanism
1D-03R CLUTCH - Clutch Pedal and Mounting Bracket
1D-04L CLUTCH - Clutch Slave Cylinder
1D-04R CLUTCH - Clutch Master Cylinder
1E-02L 5 SPEED GEARBOX - Gearbox Unit
1E-02R 5 SPEED GEARBOX - Gearcase and Centre Plate, Breather Cap
1E-03L 5 SPEED GEARBOX - Front Cover, Mainshaft, Constant Pinion Shaft (up to Gearbox No. CL.22476C
1E-03R 5 SPEED GEARBOX - Front Cover, Mainshaft, Constant Pinion Shaft (Gearbox No. CL.22477C onwards)
1E-04L 5 SPEED GEARBOX - Mainshaft Gears and Flange, Speedo Driving Gear
1E-04R 5 SPEED GEARBOX - Selectors and Shafts
1E-05L 5 SPEED GEARBOX - Layshaft Gear, Reverse Operating Lever
1E-05R 5 SPEED GEARBOX - Extension Case and Pump, Speedo Driven Gear
1E-06L 5 SPEED GEARBOX - Gearchange Housing, Gearlever and Grommet
1E-08L AUTOMATIC GEARBOX - Gearbox Unit, Dipstick, Heatshield
1E-08R AUTOMATIC GEARBOX - Torque Converter and Housing, Stoneguards
1E-09L AUTOMATIC GEARBOX - Gearbox Case, Kickdown Cable, Inhibitor Switch
1E-09R AUTOMATIC GEARBOX - Oil Pan - Parking Details
1E-10L AUTOMATIC GEARBOX - Front Servo and Brake Band
1E-10R AUTOMATIC GEARBOX - Rear Servo and Brake Band
1E-11L AUTOMATIC GEARBOX - Pump and Supply Tubes
1E-11R AUTOMATIC GEARBOX - Front Clutch, Input Shaft
1E-12L AUTOMATIC GEARBOX - Rear Clutch, Front Drum, Sun Gear
1E-12R AUTOMATIC GEARBOX - Driven Shaft, Governor, Speedo Driving Gear
1E-13L AUTOMATIC GEARBOX - Upper Valve Body, Oil Strainer, Can
1E-13R AUTOMATIC GEARBOX - Lower Valve Body, Rear Servo Tubes
1E-14L AUTOMATIC GEARBOX - Rear Housing, Oil Seal, Speedo Driven Gear
1E-15L AUTOMATIC GEARBOX - Gear Selector Assy
1E-15R AUTOMATIC GEARBOX - Oil Cooler and Supply Pipes
1E-16L GEARBOX - Gearbox Mounting
1F-02R SUSPENSION - Stub Axle, Front Hub, Lower Link, Disc Shield
1F-03L SUSPENSION - Front Cartridge Strut and Springs
1F-03R REAR AXLE - Rear Axle Unit (3.27:1 Ratio) - Fitted with Automatic Gearbox Only (up to VIN402000 only, 1F-05R/1F-06L/1F-06R for future)
1F-04L REAR AXLE - Casing, Axle Shafts (Fitted with automatic gearbox) (up to VIN402000 only, 1F06L for future)
1F-05L REAR AXLE - Axle Center assy 3.27:1 non collapsible spacer
1F-05R REAR AXLE - Axle Unit (All Manual Gearbox Vehicles) Also Automatic Gearbox Vehicles from VIN402027
1F-06L REAR AXLE - Axle Shaft, Filler Plug, Oil Seals. All 5 Speed Manual Gearbox and from VIN402001 on Automatic
1F-06R REAR AXLE - Crown Wheel and Pinion, Differential Gears
1F-07L SUSPENSION - Rear Suspension, Upper and Lower Links
1F-07R REAR SUSPENSION - Shock Absorber and Springs
1F-08L SUSPENSION - Road Wheels, Balance Weights, Wheeltrim
1F-08R SUSPENSION - Road Wheels (Cast Alloy)
1G-02L STEERING - Steering Wheel
1G-02R STEERING - Universal Joint, Lower Shaft
1G-04L STEERING - Rack and Pinion Assembly
1G-04R STEERING - Steering Column Nacelles and Support Rail
1G-3L STEERING - Upper Column, Outer Tube, Upper Bearing
1H-02L BRAKES - Front Brake
1H-02R BRAKES - Rear Brake (8" x 1 1/2") - Fitted with Auto Gearbox up to VIN402000
1H-03L BRAKES - Rear Brake (9" x 1 3/4") Fitted with all 5 Speed Gearboxes and From VIN402001 on Auto (1H-02R for previous)
1H-03R BRAKES - Service Kits
1H-04L BRAKES - Brake Pedal and Mounting Bracket
1H-04R BRAKES - Brake Servo Unit
1H-05L BRAKES - Brake Master Cylinder
1H-05R BRAKES - Front Hydraulic Pipes and Brake Hose (RHS)
1H-06L BRAKES - Front Hydraulic Pipes and Brake Hose (LHS)
1H-06R BRAKES - Rear Hydraulic Pipes
1H-07L BRAKES - Handbrake Assembly
1H-07R BRAKES - Handbrake Cables
1I-02R FUEL SYSTEM - Carburettor and Mounting (S.U. Carbs Europe)
1I-03L FUEL SYSTEM - Carburettor Details (S.U. Carbs - Europe)
1I-03R FUEL SYSTEM - Stromberg Carburettor AUS/CDN
1I-04L FUEL SYSTEM - Stromberg Carburettor AUS/CDN
1I-04R FUEL SYSTEM - Stromberg Carburettor JAPAN/USA up to VIN401629
1I-05L FUEL SYSTEM - Front Carburettor Details JAPAN/USA up to VIN401629
1I-05R FUEL SYSTEM - Rear Carburettor Details JAPAN/USA up to VIN401629
1I-06L FUEL SYSTEM - Carburettor Gasket Kits (Twin Stromberg)
1I-06R FUEL SYSTEM - Throttle Linkage (Twin S.U. Carbs) Europe
1I-07L FUEL SYSTEM - Throttle Linkage (Twin Stromberg Carbs) AUS/CDN
1I-07R FUEL SYSTEM - Throttle Linkage (Twin Stromberg Carbs) JAPAN/USA up to VIN401629
1I-08L FUEL SYSTEM - Accelerator Cable and Pedal (CARB ENGINE)
1I-09R FUEL SYSTEM - Fuel Pipes (Tank to Carburettors) (CARB ENGINE)
1I-10L FUEL SYSTEM - FUEL Tank and Guage Unit (Carb Engine)
1I-10R FUEL SYSTEM - Fuel Filler Neck, Hose and Filler Cap (CARB ENGINE)
1J-02L FUEL SYSTEM - Air Cleaner (P/I Engine)
1J-02R FUEL SYSTEM - Auxilliary Air Valve; Intake Elbow and Duction (P/I Engine)
1J-03L FUEL SYSTEM - Air Box; Cold Start Injector; Adaptors (P/I Engine)
1J-03R FUEL SYSTEM - Auxilliary Air Valve and Idle By-Pass Solenoid (P/I Engine) Air Conditioning Only from VIN402027
1J-04R FUEL SYSTEM - Air Flow Meter (P/I Engine)
1J-05L FUEL SYSTEM - Fuel Injectors; Clamp Plate; Fuel Rail Sheild (P/I Engine)
1J-05R FUEL SYSTEM - Fuel Rail and Pressure Regulator Valve (P/I Engine)
1J-06L FUEL SYSTEM - Throttle Body, Throttle Plate, Valve Switch (P/I Engine)
1J-06R FUEL SYSTEM - Throttle Linkage; Solenoid Jack; Inhibitor Switch (P/I Engine)
1J-07L FUEL SYSTEM - Accelerator Cable and Pedal (P/I Engine)
1J-07R FUEL SYSTEM - Fuel Spill and Return Pipe (P/I Engine)
1J-08L FUEL SYSTEM - Fuel Feed Pipes (Tank to Fuel Rail) P/I Engine
1J-08R FUEL SYSTEM - Fuel Pump and Filter (P/I Engine)
1J-09L FUEL SYSTEM - Fuel Tank and Guage Unit (P/I Engine)
1J-09R FUEL SYSTEM - Fuel Filler Neck, Hose and Filler Cap (P/I Engine)
1K-02R EXHAUST SYSTEM - Front Exhaust Pipe (USA/JAPAN) - 1979 ONLY up to VIN202092
1K-03L EXHAUST SYSTEM - Intermediate Exhaust Pipe (USA/JAPAN) - 1979 ONLY up to VIN202092
1K-03R EXHAUST SYSTEM - Front Exhaust Pipe (USA 1980 VIN 209093 onwards)
1K-04L EXHAUST SYSTEM - Front Exhaust Pipe Shields (USA 1980 Model) VIN202093
1K-04R EXHAUST SYSTEM - Silencer
1K-05L EXHAUST SYSTEM - Rear Tail Pipe
1K-07L EMISSION - Breather Rail (UK and Europe - Carb Engine)
1K-07R EMISSION - Breather Rail, Carb Vent Pipe (Japan and USA - Carb Engine)
1K-08L EMISSION - Breather Rail, Carb Vent Pipe (Australia - Carb Engine)
1K-08R EMISSION - Condensate Breather, Carb Vent Pipe (Canada - Carb Engine)
1K-09L EMISSION - Breather Rail and Condensate Breather (P/I Engine)
1K-09R EMISSION - Engine Breathing (USA Federal 1979 Carb up to TCT110000 TCW110000
1K-10L EMISSION - Engine Breathing (Japan and Calif 1979) (USA Fed 1980 TCT110001, TCW110001 onwards) Carburetter Engines up to VIN401629
1K-10R EMISSION - Breather Details (AUS/CDN) (CARB ENGINE)
1K-11L EMISSION - Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve (CARB ENGINE)
1K-11R EMISSION - Air Pump and Belt (AUS/CDN) (CARB ENGINE)
1K-12L EMISSION - Air Pump and Mounting (JAPAN/USA) (CARB ENGINE) up to VIN401629
1K-12R EMISSION - Air Manifold; Diverter Valve; Check Valve (AUS/CDN - Carb Engine)
1K-13L EMISSION - Air Manifold; Air Injection Pipe; Check Valve (USA/JAPAN - Carb Engine) up to VIN401629
1K-13R EMISSION - Single Charcoal Canister - AUS/CDN/J
1K-14L EMISSION - Twin Charcoal Canisters (USA 1979 up to Comm No TCT110000/TCW110000)
1K-14R EMISSION - Twin Charcoal Canisters (USA 1980 Comm No. TCT110001/TCW110001
1K-15L EMISSION - Evaporative Loss Pipes, Separator Canister (AUS/CDN/J/USA)
1L-02L COOLING SYSTEM - Radiator and Hoses (1979 MODEL up to VIN200000)
1L-02R COOLING SYSTEM - Radiator and Hoses (1980 Model - VIN200001 onwards)
1L-03L COOLING SYSTEM - Partial Flow Tank and Hoses
1L-03R AIR CONDITIONING - Condenser, Fan Motor and Fan
1L-04L AIR CONDITIONING - Compressor and Driving Belt
1L-04R AIR CONDITIONING - Compressor Service Kit
1L-05L AIR CONDITIONING - Reciever Dryer and Hoses
1L-05R HEATING - Heater Hoses and Water Pipes (CARB ENGINE - AUS/CDN/EUROPE)
1L-06L HEATING - Heater Hoses and Water Pipes (CARB ENGINE - JAPAN/USA)
1L-06R HEATING - Heater Hoses and Water Pipes (FUEL INJ - USA
1L-07L HEATING - Heater Hoses and A/C Units, Demister Ducts and Deflectors
1L-07R HEATING - Heater and A/C Unit Support, Control Knobs and Console
1L-08L HEATING - Heater Unit Control Lever/Radiator/Motor
1L-08R HEATING - Air Conditioning Unit Radiator/Evaporator
1L-09L HEATING - Air Conditioning Unit Control Levers/Motor/Valves
2C-02L ELECTRICAL - Distributor (Europe)
2C-02R ELECTRICAL - Distributor AUS/CDN up to ENGINE NO CL 41646 (see 2C-05L for future)
2C-03R ELECTRICAL - Distributor (USA Federal) up to ENGINE NO CV30569 (see 2C-05L for future)
2C-04R ELECTRICAL - Distributor (USA California/Japan 1979 up to VIN NO. 200001) and (Fed 1980 up to TCT115896) see 2C-05L for future
2C-05L ELECTRICAL - Distributor
2C-05R ELECTRICAL - Spark Plugs and H.T. Leads
2C-06R ELECTRICAL - Alternator Mounting
2C-07L ELECTRICAL - 17 ACR Alternator (Heater Vehicles Only) See 2C-08L for 36AMP A Type Alternator
2C-07R ELECTRICAL - 20 or 25 A.C.R. Alternator (Air Conditioning)
2C-09L ELECTRICAL - Starter Motor
2C-09R ELECTRICAL - Starter Motor Mounting
2C-10L ELECTRICAL - Headlight and Mounting, Headlamp Converter Mask
2C-10R ELECTRICAL - Headlight Assembly
2C-11L ELECTRICAL - Headlight Hinge Mechanism
2C-11R ELECTRICAL - Front Sidelamp
2C-12L ELECTRICAL - Front Fog Lamp
2C-12R ELECTRICAL - Stop/Tail/Flasher/Reverse Lamp
2C-13L ELECTRICAL - Side Marker and Flasher Lamp
2C-13R ELECTRICAL - Rear Fog Lamp
2C-14L ELECTRICAL - Interior, rear number plate and boot lamps
2C-14R ELECTRICAL - Wiper Arms and Blades
2C-15L ELECTRICAL - Wiper Motor, Gear, Crosshead and Rack
2C-15R ELECTRICAL - Screen Washer Bottle
2C-16L ELECTRICAL - Instrument Panel Moulding and Printed Circuit
2C-16R ELECTRICAL - Instrument Panel, Speedo Cable
2C-17L ELECTRICAL - Service COunter - Petrol Injection
2D-02L ELECTRICAL - Facia Switches
2D-02R ELECTRICAL - Facia Switches
2D-03L ELECTRICAL - Cigar Lighter & Rheostat Switches
2D-03R ELECTRICAL - Steering Column Switches
2D-04L ELECTRICAL - Miscellaneous Switches, Flasher Unit
2D-04R ELECTRICAL - Horn, Low Coolant Level Indicator, Inertia Switch
2D-05L ELECTRICAL - Air Conditioning Relays/Cover/Pressure Cut Out Switch
2D-05R ELECTRICAL - Wiring Harness up to VIN200001
2D-06L ELECTRICAL - Wiring Harness from VIN No. 200001 (2D-05R for previous)
2D-06R ELECTRICAL - Harness Auxiliary Leads
2D-07L ELECTRICAL - Harness Attachements
2D-07R ELECTRICAL - Harness Attachements
2D-08L ELECTRICAL - Relays
2D-08R ELECTRICAL - Relay Plate, Fuse Box Bracket
2D-09L ELECTRICAL - Electronic Control Unit
2D-09R ELECTRICAL - Battery
2D-10L ELECTRICAL - Radio Aerial and Speakers
2E-02L BODY SECTION - Crossmember
2E-02R BODY SECTION - Body Shell
2E-03L BODY SECTION - Front Wings, Front Lower Panel, Headlamp Box
2E-03R BODY SECTION - Bonnet Panel, Hinges, Support Stay
2E-04L BODY SECTION - Bonnet Release Cable, Lock, Striker Pin
2E-04R BODY SECTION - Front Wheelarch, Crossmember Longitudinal, Battery Tray
2E-05L BODY SECTION - Dash Top Panels, Plenum Panel
2E-06L BODY SECTION - Roof Panels, Cantrail
2E-06R BODY SECTION - Windshield Panel
2E-07L BODY SECTION - Door Panels, Outer Waist Seal, Door Buffer
2E-07R BODY SECTION - Door, Hinges and Seals
2E-08L BODY SECTION - Door Glass
2E-08R BODY SECTION - Door Glass and Frame DHC
2E-09L BODY SECTION - Door Handle, Disc Latch, R/C Handle, Sill Button, B Post Striker (UP TO VIN402001)
2E-09R BODY SECTION - Door Handle, Disc Latch, R/C Handle, Sill Button, B Post Striker (FROM VIN402001)
2E-10L BODY SECTION - Sill Panels, Jack Mounting Bracket, Footrest
2E-11L BODY SECTION - Rear Quarter Panels, Rear Wheelarch, Tonneau Panels
2E-11R BODY SECTION - Rear Quarter Panels, Rear Wheelarch, Tonneau Panels
2E-12L BODY SECTION - Rear End Panels
2E-12R BODY SECTION - Trunk Lid, Hinge, Lock, Support
2E-13L BODY SECTION - Screen and Backlight Glass Screen Finishers, Glazing Kit
2E-13R BODY SECTION - Mirrors
2E-14L BODY SECTION - Front Bumper (European) (AUS)(J)
2E-14R BODY SECTION - Front Bumper (USA)
2E-15L BODY SECTION - Front Bumper - Harmonic (European)
2E-15R BODY SECTION - Front Bumper - Harmonic (USA)
2E-16L BODY SECTION - Rear Bumper (European) (AUS) (J)
2E-16R BODY SECTION - Rear Bumper (USA)
2E-17L BODY SECTION - Front Grille and External Trim Mouldings
2E-17R BODY SECTION - Badges, Transfers and Spoiler
2E-18L BODY SECTION - Rear Quarter Grille
2F-02L FACIA/TRIM/SEATS - Facia Base, Fuse Box Cover, Facia Support Brackets
2F-02R FACIA/TRIM/SEATS: Facia Top Pads, Windscreen Seal, Demister Mesh, Knee Pads
2F-03L FACIA/TRIM/SEATS - Facia Ventilators, Instrument Upper Roll
2F-03R FACIA/TRIM/SEATS - Cubby Box Lid
2F-04L FACIA/TRIM/SEATS - Centre Console and Armrest (Manual Gearbox)
2F-04R FACIA/TRIM/SEATS - Centre Console and Armrest (Automatic Gearbox)
2F-05L FACIA/TRIM/SEATS - A Post Ventilator
2F-05R FACIA/TRIM/SEATS - Door Seals & Rear Quater Trimboards
2F-06L FACIA/TRIM/SEATS - Door Trimpads, Armrest, Ashtray up to VIN402000 (see 2F-06 for future)
2F-06R FACIA/TRIM/SEATS - Door Trimpad, Armrest, Ashtray (VIN402001 onwards)
2F-07R FACIA/TRIM/SEATS - Rear Parcel Shelf, Backlight Cover, Bulkhead Trim Pad
2F-08L FACIA/TRIM/SEATS - Rear Trim Pads
2F-09L FACIA/TRIM/SEATS - Headlining, Roof Insulation, Listing Rails
2F-09R FACIA/TRIM/SEATS - Sunshine Roof - Edrose Only
2F-10L FACIA/TRIM/SEATS - Sunshine Roof Channels - Edrose Only
2F-10R FACIA/TRIM/SEATS - Soft Top (Convertible)
2F-11L FACIA/TRIM/SEATS - Hood Frame Assembly
2F-11R FACIA/TRIM/SEATS - Rear Quater Linkage and Header Rail Cover (Convertible)
2F-12L FACIA/TRIM/SEATS - Hood Stowage
2F-12R FACIA/TRIM/SEATS - Seat Assembly and Slides
2F-13L FACIA/TRIM/SEATS - Seat Squab and Cushion Covers
2F-13R FACIA/TRIM/SEATS - Seats & Head Restraint
2F-14L FACIA/TRIM/SEATS - Seat Belts
2F-14R FACIA/TRIM/SEATS - Carpets and Handbrake Gauntlet (up to VIN200001)
2F-15L FACIA/TRIM/SEATS - Main Fllor Carpet and Handbrake Gauntlet From VIN No. 200001
2F-15R FACIA/TRIM/SEATS - Boot Trim, Rear Lamp Cover Board
2F-16L FACIA/TRIM/SEATS - Boot Side Triumboard, Petrol Duct Panel
2F-17L FACIA/TRIM/SEATS - Sound Insulation Pads
2F-17R FACIA/TRIM/SEATS - Sound Insulation Pads (Convertible)
2G-02L HARDWARE AND CONSUMABLES - Blanking Plugs, Grommets
2G-03R HARDWARE AND CONSUMABLES - Loctite Seal, Fluid, P.B.C. , Grease