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RTR Upgrade
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TR4A-6 aluminium firewall, required for competition and a sensible addition to any road car. The fire wall is secured to the body shell between the cockpit and the petrol tank.

TR's 4-6 have the petrol tank fitted directly behind the cockpit rear trim board which is made from fibre board and cannot provide a safe barrier between the cockpit and the petrol tank. This kit when fitted provides a suitable metal barrier.

The kit consists of a main aluminium centre section and two small steel 'ears'. These 'ears' are made from steel so they can be either welded or riveted in place to the body shell. 

Whilst we call this product a Fire Wall it is in fact a fluid barrier. Its intention is to reduce the possibility of petrol finding its way into the cockpit in the event of an accident. The aluminium sheet and steel ears should be sealed and riveted in place to ensure a fluid tight seal. 


The fit of the main sheet is straightforward as there are 'L' brackets welded all around the opening which the firewall can we riveted to.

First bend the bottom edge over to make a 90 degree flange of 13-20mm. To determine how big the flange will be offer into place the aluminium sheet and record how much of the sheet protrudes above the centre tonneau panel. Use this a guide to determine how wide the flange will be. This flange ensures the aluminium sheet can be sealed properly. 

The main sheet can now be riveted in place using sealant between the sheet and the body on final fitment. 

The two 'ears' fit under the side tonneau panels and can be riveted to the join between the main tonneau panel and the forward tonneau panel. There is a small 'L' shaped bracket on top of the wheel arch that the ear can be riveted to and there is a cut out in the top of the ear so that it can pass from inside to outside of the tonneau panel lip. On cars that are as yet unpainted these ears can be welded in place.

Once in place the firewall should be thoroughly sealed all around so that fluid cannot pass.

Note that the wiring to the rear of the car has to pass through the firewall and this should be accounted for in preparing the main sheet or one 'ear'. Turn over the edge of the sheet where the wiring will pass so that a sharp edge is not presented to the wiring loom or use a suitable grommet. A grommet can be cut and superglue back together around the loom.  

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