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Triumph Apprentice Reunion Dinner March 2016

Published: 15 Apr 2016   updated: 19 May 2016

Triumph Engineering Reunion - Harry Webster bequeathed funding for an annual get together for Triumph apprentices and last Friday was the day we all got together for our 2016 dinner. It's a great evening out and a great place to catch up with old friends and reminisce about the good times we all had working there. 

As I'm the youngest member and don't quite meet the critera of being there when Harry was in charge, it is sometimes overwhelming to think of the projects these guys were involved in. Everything from Herald, Vitesse, Spitfire, GT6, Stag, 2000, 2500 and TR7 (my project) to projects that I am aware of that did not make it. SD2 and Lynx are the 2 that were in development while I was there that didn't make it to production. Many of these guys managed the projects, were involved in the works teams and much more. So much knowledge, so many stories. Here are some of the remaining Triumph history makers, many who have gone un-mentioned over the years. 

From left to right . 
1.Dave Roberts 2. Brian Harris 3. Norman Morris 4. Alan Goodwin 5. David Jeanes 6. Ron Milligan 7. Norman Rose 8. Arthur Price 9. Derek Peck 10. name to follow 11. Peter Wilson 12. Dave Hayden 13. Brian Harvey 14. Rod King 15. John Wyatt 16. Mick Bunker 17. Jim Thompson 18. Maurice Percival 19. Paul Northall 20. Harry Reynolds 21. Eric Lole 22.Jeff Stock 23. John Hilliar 24. Colin Ritchie 25. Tony Luxton 26. Ed Osmond 27. John Shorney 28. John Falloon 29. Dave Arnold 30. Martin Cox 31. Alan Turrall 32. Eric Devine 33. Fred Nicklin 34. Brian Sidoli