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How do I find more information about a part? Simple ..Read on

Published: 28 Oct 2016

We have been asked for more detail about a part on several occasions and in a lot of cases the information is already listed against the part but you may not be aware of it.  When you click on a part number it will take you to the first tab which is labelled "About This Part". This will usually only be a brief description.

In most cases there is another tab next to this one (circled in red on the photo) . This will be a black tab (showing it is not being viewed) with the heading "More About This Part".  Click on this tab and it will open the page (turning the tab white as it is now being viewed). A lot more detailed information is usually recorded here.

There may even be a third tab with the heading "FAQ" (frequently asked questions). This will list common questions we have received about this part with our answers.

I hope this simple overview helps but as always give us a call if you still need more information.