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Neil Sue & 6VC's 2018 Classic Europe Tour

Published: 11 Sep 2018   updated: 25 Sep 2018


With 6VC prepped and packed Neil & Sue took a trip across the channel in August to participate in Great Road Journeys 2018 Classic Europe. Each year local Somerset company Great Road Journeys organise amongst other tours all around the world a European trip for a maximum of 30 vehicles be they modern or classic, two or four wheeled, this is a non competitive tour where you drive your own vehicle on a 7 day trip along a pre-arranged route taking in the scenery and stopping of along the way to places of interest, done at your own pace meeting up with the rest of the group at the end of the day to enjoy the company of new friends and chat about the days adventure over a drink and evening meal

Neil and Sue are almost part the furniture now having undertaken several Great Road Journey's trips prior to this one, 6VC previously accompanied them to a Venice, the TR2 was the car of choice for Croatia, India saw them in an Ambassador, Peru and there trusty steed was a hire car and for Vietnam what else other than a classic Willis Jeep, you could almost say their old hands at this.

This tour saw the participants all meeting up in Liepzig Germany, the only requirement was to be there for the pre tour dinner where over a hearty meal and a couple of fine German beers you would meet and get to know your fellow tourers, before heading back to your room ready for the off in the morning.


Day 1 - Sees the tour departing the city with a photo opportunity at the memorial to the defeat of Napoleon in 1813, before heading of for the first proper stop of at Colditz Castle, where after Neil take a moment for a quick photo op with the locals there was a guided tour. The afternoon saw the tour heading to the next stop off in 6VC Zwickau, known as the City of Automobiles which over the years was home to Audi Trebant and now Volkswagen. The stop off here is the museum which in 2017 was the subject of a major refurbishment and has only recently reopened and is now a world class motoring museum with many rare exhibits and well worth a visit of your planning your own trip to Germany. From here it was a short drive to the overnight stop Chemnitz.








Day 2 - After a cracking evening in the town of Chemnitz Neil points 6VC towards Meissen, home of the world famous porcelain factory, with a mid morning tour of the factory and museum where for those who fancied could purchase some of this world famous pottery. After a relatively short drive they arrive around lunchtime at Dresden, with a large part of the original city centre destroyed by bombing during the war, now been beautifully rebuilt and restored where the afternoon is free for them to wander at their leisure.

Day 3 - Begins with a short drive to the days first stop off, a rather quirky DDR museum in Prina, which is packed full of relics from the days of communism, also known to host a classic car day or two. Second stop of the day is the Old Communist Prison in Bautzen, a small German city near the border, next stop is Gorlitz which is right on the border, the town was split in two when the borders were redrawn after WW11, the half on the right river bank becoming part of Poland with the other half remaining German. In 2002/3 the bridge was rebuilt having been destroyed in the war and finally in 2007 when Poland abolished European border controls the towns citizens could freely move across the bridge without taking a passport. After heading south and crossing the border the tour roles up at the days final stop off in Liberec.









Day 4 - Neil Sue & 6VC head off for a driving day, over the stunning mountains taking in the lovely scenery crossing over the border to Poland and on to the city of Wroclaw for the days stop, despite being ravaged in the Second World War this much rebuilt city boasting a beautiful main square is fast becoming a hip place to visit, and a great introduction to Poland.

Day 5 - First visit of the day is to Swidnica and the Church of Peace, this is one of 3 churches built over 400 years ago entirely of wood without a single nail and having a congregation capacity of 5500, they were never expected to last, today there are 2 remaining with one having burnt down with the two remaining being world heritage sites. Next its onto Ksiaz Castle, the 3rd largest and most beautiful castle in Poland. With various mysteries surrounding this castle the one many have heard about recently was the discovery of a train laden with Nazi gold in a nearby tunnel, supposedly one of a vast network of tunnels excavated during the war with the help of slave labour. The days final stop sees the tour pull up in the town of Legnica for the night with dinner laid on.


Day 6 - Sees the tour head off to the site of Stalag Luft 111, a German Prison of War camp where om March 24th 1944 76 POW's made there "Great Escape" The camp is now overgrown but the outline of the huts is clearly visible and with a visit to the small museum and a visit to the memorial built by the prisoners this certainly was a poignant stop off. Back in the cars and its off to Stalinstadt for another museum visit this time about life under communism before heading back on the motorway to head for the days final stop off a Potsdam, on the outskirts of Berlin this was the place where the conference was held at the end of the war when the UK, US and Russia met to discuss the future of Germany.




Day 7 - Is a free day and armed with full day travel passes for the Berlin transportation services Neil and Sue head off to check out some of the sights of this fascinating city. The sight of the old wall, check point Charlie and one Neil being an engineer had to check out - the Technical Museum, after absorbing the sights it was back to Potsdam for a farewell dinner with the other tour patrons.

Both Neil and Sue had a fabulous time on this trip, 6VC was faultless 2320 miles and not missing a beat. We also had fun following there adventure through Facebook updates, pictures, seeing the days route, the stop offs and even the speeds at certain points thanks to the Classic Tracker fitted to the car, this is a great example of where modern technology can add another dimension when looking back at your own road adventures as well as giving you piece of mind when it comes to protecting your classic car.

Neil cant speak highly enough about Great Road Journeys and will certainly be going on more of there trips in the future, you can check out this trip and others planned on the link below.