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Neil Sue & 6VC's 2018 Classic Europe Tour

Published: 11 Sep 2018   updated: 19 Nov 2018

This year's summer vacation saw Neil and Sue pack modest bags and head off across the channel in 6VC to participate in the "Great Road Journeys 2018 Classic Europe" tour, 7 days 2000 odd miles and a host of great European sights to see along the way, that's what we call a vacation...

Local Somerset company and good friends of Revington TR, Great Road Journeys organise various driving tours each year across the globe, and Neil and Sue are stalwarts having notched up tours in Venice, Croatia, India, Peru, & Vietnam you could say they are fast becoming part of the furniture. For the Classic Europe tours the participant's, up to 30 vehicles all gather at the pre-arranged starting point the day before the off for an evening dinner to all get to know each other before heading off the following morning to the days end destination with some stop offs along the way. This year's tour would see the group travel from Germany crossing over to the Czech Republic, on to Poland and then back over to Germany finishing in Berlin taking in some stunning scenery and some sites of historical importance this was going to be both a fascinating and poignant trip through Europe.

Day 1 - With the prior evenings pleasantry's done and everybody now firm friends the group leave Leipzig heading for the first stop of the day Colditz Castle, where after spotting a selfie opportunity with some locals the group are given a guided tour before heading off to Zwickau for the afternoon's stop off, known as the City of Automobiles, over the years has been the home of Trabant, Audi and Volkswagen, with it's recently refurbished world class motoring museum with many rare exhibits this is a great stop off for any petrol head. From here it's a short drive to the first overnight stop in Chemnitz.

Day 2 - Sees the group leave Chemnitz and head for Meissen, home of the world-famous porcelain factory, where the group are treated to a full tour of the factory and museum where there was for those with a deeper pocket the opportunity to purchase some of its fine porcelain wares. From there a relatively short drive sees the group arrive at Dresden, with a large part of the original city destroyed by bombing during the war, now beautifully rebuilt and boasting many fine shops boutiques and restaurants the group are free to continue shopping, sight-seeing and dining at their leisure.

Day 3 - Prina is the days first stop, here you will find a rather quirky DDR museum packed full of relics from the days of communism, also known to host a classic car day or two, 6VC and the other cars were getting a bit of attention in the car park, a mini unplanned classic car morning if you will. Next the group head off to Bautzen, a small German city near the boarder for a tour of the old Communist prison before departing and heading off to Gorlitz, right on the border this town was split in two after WW11 when the borders were redrawn, with the half on the right river bank becoming Poland and the other half remaining German, In 2002/3 the bridge destroyed during the war was rebuilt and in 2007 Poland abolished European border controls meaning the towns citizens could now move freely across the bridge without talking a passport. Heading south the group cross the Czech border and end the day Liberec.

Day 4 - A driving day, the group head over the stunning mountains taking in the amazing scenery crossing another border over to Poland and on to the city of Wroclaw for the days stop, despite being ravaged in the Second World War this much rebuilt city boasting a beautiful main square is fast becoming a hip place to visit, and a great introduction to Poland.

Day 5 - Swidnica is the first stop for the group today, and when visiting a church they dont come more spectacular than the Church of Peace, one of 3 churches built over 400 years ago entirely of wood without a single nail being used, this one having a congregation capacity of 5500! Never expected to last today 2 survive and have World Heritage Site status with the 3 having burnt down. Back in the cars and on to the second stop of the day, Ksiaz Castle, the 3rd largest and one of the most beautiful castles in Poland, steeped in mystery with a vast network of underground tunnels, excavated and dug during the war with the help of slave labour, in which it is rumored lies a Nazi Gold Train, having had a quick look and no luck on finding it the group head back to the cars to head of for the days final stop at the town of Legnica.    

Day 6 - Heading off back across the border into Germany the first of today's stops is the site of Stalag Luft 111, a German Prison of War camp where om March 24th1944 76 POW's made there "Great Escape". The camp is now overgrown but the outline of the huts is clearly visible, with a small museum and a visit to the memorial built by the prisoners this certainly was a poignant stop off. Back in the cars and the group head to Stalinstadt for another museum visit that documents life under communism before heading back on the motorway for the days last driving leg to Potsdam, on the outskirts of Berlin this was the place where the conference was held at the end of the war when the UK, US and Russia met to discuss the future of Germany.

Day 7 - With a free day and armed with full day travel passes for the Berlin transportation services Neil and Sue head off to check out some of the sights of this fascinating city. The sight of the old wall, check point Charlie and one Neil had to check out - the Technical Museum, after absorbing the sights it was back to Potsdam for a farewell dinner with the other tour patrons.

Neil and Sue had a fabulous time on this trip, 6VC was faultless 2320 miles and not missing a beat, we here back Home Farm had fun following there adventure through Facebook updates, pictures and so forth and thanks to our friends at Classic Tracker we also had access to the days route in live time as well as an overall days route this piece of tech is definitely worth a look when it comes to looking back on your own driving adventures as well as adding peace of mind when it comes to protecting your classic car.

Neil can't speak highly enough about Great Road Journeys and will certainly be going on more of their trips in the future, If you fancy your own Euro trip or information on any of the other tours available click on the link below.

Some Picture Highlights from Neil & Sue